EU REACH | One Hazardous Chemical Added to SVHC List by ECHA

Jul. 02nd, 2024

The Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) now contains 241 entries for chemicals that can harm people or the environment. Companies are responsible for managing the risks of these chemicals and giving customers and consumers information on their safe use.

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In general, the Candidate List is updated twice a year (usually in June and December each year). You can find the full list on ECHA’s website:


On June 27, 2024, ECHA’s Member State Committee (MSC) confirmed the addition of one hazardous chemical to the Candidate List of substances of very high concern (SVHC). The list now contains 241 entries, some of which are groups of chemicals so the overall number of impacted chemicals is higher.

The substance may be placed on the Authorisation List in the future. Companies need to apply for authorization to continue the uses once they are on that list.

The newly added chemical, bis(α,α-dimethylbenzyl) peroxide, is toxic for reproduction and is used as a processing aid, e.g. as a flame retardant.

The entry added to the Candidate List is shown below:

Substance name EC No. CAS No. Reason for inclusion Example of use
Bis(α,α-dimethylbenzyl) peroxide 201-279-3 80-43-3 Toxic for reproduction (Article 57c) Flame retardant

Consequences of Inclusion on the Candidate List

Once a substance is identified as an SVHC, it is placed on the Candidate List for Authorization. According to EU REACH Regulations, suppliers of an article containing SVHC in a concentration of more than 0.1% must provide the following information to downstream:

  • Provide SDS to downstream if the concentration of SVHC on its own or in preparations exceeds 0.1%
  • Provide safety use instructions to downstream recipients if the concentration of SVHC in products exceeds 0.1%. This equivalent information should be supplied to consumers within 45 days when requested

EU manufacturers, importers, or only representative (OR) of SVHC shall notify ECHA if:

  • The substance is present in those articles in quantities totalingover one tonne per producer or importer per year;
  • The substance is present in those articles above a concentration of 0.1 % weight by weight (w/w).

In addition, starting from January 5, 2021, companies that have products containing more than 0.1% of SVHC are required to submit notifications through ECHA’s substances of concern in products (SCIP) database.

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