Statements about Misleading News Reports

Jun. 11th, 2014

On January 15, 2014, a media reported an news named 《Majority of evaluated 2010 REACH dossiers are non – compliant》, REACH24H issued statements because of this false and misleading news reports:

1.This media make an unreasonable information Aggregation based on the information publish by ECHA, and they published all registrants’ company name with noncompliance list together without investigating the truth of the issue.

In fact, if one joint submission dossier is non-compliant as decided by the ECHA, it does not mean that each co-registrant is also “non-compliant.” An investigation is necessary to ascertain whether “non-compliance” is related to a specific registrant or truly affects all co-registrants. ECHA notes that the published documents represent decisions with blanked out sections that have been claimed confidential by the registrant and were deemed to harm their commercial interest if disclosed. In addition, any personal data has been removed from the documents.

2.The PDF document (Noncompliance2) closed to the report is almost made up by this media, we don’t believe it is appropriate for the media to disclose registration information going with non-compliance decision, including non-compliance reason and co-registrants.

Compared with the press of the authority, this media obviously went a step further than just the registrants and registered substances released. All registrants now are suspiciously linked with non-compliance of REACH regulation in spite of the fact that only one of them actually got the decision according to the LR. It is the worst thing we would love to see that readers of the article could have been likely misled by this article by clicking to view the PDF created by a press company with enormous influence in the field.

REACH24H strictly abide by ECHA guidelines, establishing standard procedures to ensure our compliance. We were informed by LR that the SONC was solely attributable to a specific registrant, for failure to provide information required by ECHA on release estimation for environmental impact assessment. To reiterate the final non-compliance decision was solely attributable to a single registrant failure to provide required information. For this reason no other co-registrants were affected. In fact from our investigation a “no decision” verdict regarding this issue was released by the authority.

3. In conclusion, we confirm that all dossiers from REACH24H are compliance. The report《Majority of evaluated 2010 REACH dossiers are non – compliant 》 are false and misleading seriously, REACH24H reserves the right to pursue their responsibility.