REACH24H Announces New Board of Directors and General Manager Appointment

Mar. 11th, 2016

On 29 February, REACH24H Consulting Group held the 2016 Annual Stockholder Meeting to vote for the fourth Board of Directors. Taken into consideration the qualifications of all nominators, the qualified membership elected Richard Zhou, Yan Chen, Fengming Qi, Jim Wei and Luke Ding as board members.

In the following first meeting of the new board, Richard Zhou serving as chairman of the board of directors and Nathan Chen as General Manager of the company are approved by all board members.

Founded in 2009, REACH24H Consulting Group boasts rich experiences, professional talents and quality services, well positioned to help companies seek for regulatory compliance and secure global market presence. Nathan Chen, the newly elected general manager, enjoys an extensive regulatory knowledge base with deep insights into chemical management. Driven by the global development strategy, REACH24H embarks on a road of sustained development and greater contribution to the protection of environment.

With high hopes for the company, Nathan Chen delivered the following message: “I am sticking to the core philosophy of ‘value in compliance’. I am confident that REACH24H will continue to be a trustworthy partner of international chemical companies, readily help companies navigate regulatory maze in global markets. I am particularly optimistic that under the leadership of Chairman Richard Zhou, REACH24H Consulting Group will stand out with greater achievements.”