ChemLinked “in America” Conference Successfully Held

Apr. 28th, 2017

On April 25th, the ChemLinked “in America” Conference was held in Chicago, USA. Our REACH24H experts from the Hangzhou office, William Zhou, Jay Lin, Mona Zhang, Lynn Huang, Qianqian Liang collaborated with the general manager of REACH24H USA Inc., Robert Kiefer for one-day conference which successfully offered an in-depth and the most updated demonstration of ChemLinked services and how REACH24H can help enterprise deal with compliance requirements in China and the rest of Asia. This conference featured practically useful compliance advice and it offered an important chance for attendees to network and engage in meaningful discussions on important regulatory changes in Asia with some of China’s top regulatory affairs specialists.

ChemLinked “in America” Conference

In recent years China and the rest of Asia’s regulatory frameworks have undergone great changes. Since China and the rest of Asia’s markets are vitally important trade partners to United States enterprises, and the complexities of new legislations and regulations combined with language issues became major barriers for foreign companies, in this conference, our REACH24H regulation specialists broke through the language and cultural barriers to deliver an “authentic” interpretation of current circumstances.

ChemLinked “in America” Conference

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ChemLinked Chemical Portal was created to provide chemical regulatory information for China and the rest of the Asia Pacific region to meet the growing market need.