2014 REACH24H OECD GLP Training Course

Sep. 05th, 2014

Hangzhou, China, Aug 25~29, 2014

Organized by REACH24H Consulting Group, 2014 REACH24H OECD GLP Training Course came to a close in Xixi Wetland, Hangzhou in August 29th, 2014. This is the first time for REACH24H to organize such a training course focused on OECD principles of GLP.

The training course attracted 23 participants from pesticide-related enterprises and laboratories, some of whom were from aboard. It provided a great chance to discuss practical issues involved in QA development, GLP implementation and preparation for GLP inspections.

The Trainer, Mr. Hedwig Beernaert, a veteran in OECD GLP with over 20 years expertise, offered professional and intensive presentations specialized in OECD principles of GLP over the course of the 5 day training course. His topics covered critical points in OECD GLP, including the basic concepts of GLP, critical control points in test and reference items, ect. Mr. Beernaert’s has been a constant in the world of OECD GLP and has been integrally involved in 200+ OECD sanctioned inspections. His main message was that in relation to OECD GLP “Just enough is necessary”, by this he meant training should offer to officers what they need but not what we can do best.

Group exercise and example analysis acted as an effective way to arouse the enthusiasm of the participants. Some participants had lively discussions when they held different points of view with Mr. Beernaert. Their active attitudes and profound insights earned Mr. Beernaert’s praises. All the participants spoke highly of the training course; in the meantime, they also brought forward constructive suggestions to make next year’s event even better.

China is one of the largest pesticide suppliers around the world, 80% of the pesticides are for export. However, most enterprises cannot break the technical barriers in pesticide registration. In order to facility our clients to cope with the technical difficulties with minimum expense and time, we organized this training course.

After a successful end of the training, Jim Wei, Co-founder&General Manager of REACH24H took a group photo with Mr. Beernaert. They intend to take further cooperation together.