Toxic Chemicals Control Act

Mar. 25th, 2014

Toxic Chemicals Control Act (Hereafter referred to as TCCA) was enforced on Feb.2, 1991. The latest amended TCCA came into force on Jan.1, 2006. TCCA is focus on controls of the new chemical substances, the high concerned chemical substances and also distribution and discharge of Chemicals, which are Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR).
The new chemical substances are those which are not covered by the Korea Existing Chemical Inventory (KECI). Currently, KECI contains 41,000 chemical substances. New chemical substance shall be evaluated and notified before manufacture and/or import. For the concerned chemical substances shall be required to report PRTR-data.

Industrial Safety and Health Act
Industrial Safety and Health Act (ISHA) was enforced on Jan. 1, 1983. Under this act, designated hazardous substances are prohibited from being placed on the market, designated hazardous substances are required permission and preparation MSDS. New chemical substance also shall be evaluated and notified.

The new legislation of South Korea—Korean REACH
Aim of the new legislation would be to manage existing chemicals on South Korea’s market, which is separate to TCCA and ISHA. In addition, the new Korean legislation would take the significant part of EU REACH as reference, for what reason, it is also called “Korean REACH”, such as supply chain communication obligations, use information, etc. It is said that the details of a draft ‘Korean REACH’ Regulation just presented to a limited number of organizations at the end of last year. Moreover, the Ministry of Environment plans to complete the new legislation process in the end of 2011. “Korean REACH” would hopefully come into force in Jan. 2013.

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>>Assist to collect PRTR-data
>>Follow up “Korean REACH” legislation

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