The Latest Interpretation of Disinfectant Regulations in China & South Korea

Apr. 14th, 2021

Nancy Shen, Macaria Mao



At the time when the COVID-19 epidemic is repeated, the market popularity of disinfectants is increasing. In China, due to the emergence of the cold chain epidemic, on the basis of the record of conventional disinfectants, the National Health Commission of China announced the green channel for low-temperature disinfection of cold-chain items, giving birth to the Chinese cold-chain disinfection market. In South Korea, the Korean Biocidal Products Regulation (K-BPR), which was just promulgated in 2019, has entered into its third year. The detailed rules in all aspects have become more complete, but the deadlines for the transitional period are also approaching. In 2021, how can companies still seize the two major consumer markets in China and South Korea under the challenge of COVID-19? Please look forward to the introduction of REACH24H’s compliance and the latest progress of China and South Korea disinfectants.


  1. China’s disinfection product compliance system
  2. The latest hot spots of Chinese disinfection products
  3. The compliance system of Korea’s disinfection products
  4. The latest development of Korea’s disinfection product system


Date Time(GMT+8) Language
2021-4-14 15:00-16:00 Chinese
2021-4-14 21:00-22:00 English


Nancy Shen

Regulatory Supervisor Consultant

Ms. Shen graduated with a Master’s degree from Zhejiang University and since then has dedicated herself to global biocides regulatory compliance analysis. She is a core member of the REACH24H technical team focusing on EU BPR, Korea BPR, Turkey BPR, China Disinfectants Regulation, China Pesticide Regulation and China Festival regulatory compliance and has rich experience in efficacy testing, human toxicology and research in global biocides and pesticide compliance strategies.

Macaria Mao

Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Ms Macaria Mao is from Agrochem Department. She is mainly responsible for consulting related to globle biocides/disinfectants and pesticide registration, especially in China Disinfectant,Korea K-BPR, U.S. EPA and EU BPR, and has rich practical experience in the field of regulatory compliance strategy analysis.

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