How to stay compliant with UK REACH

Mar. 31st, 2021

Shirley Shi



UK REACH came into force on 1st January 2021. Companies who place chemicals on the market in England, Wales or Scotland have obligations under UK REACH. In spite of the high similarities between UK REACH and EU REACH, there are still some puzzles especially on the change of roles within the supply chains due to BREXIT, and the transitional provisions: DUIN and “Grandfathering”.

In this webinar, we will navigate the process of UK REACH compliance, which will help you find out what you need to do to comply with UK REACH and obtain the UK market access.


  • Introduction of UK REACH
  • Supply chains
  • Transitional provisions: DUIN and “Grandfathering”
  • Registration


Date Time(GMT+8) Language Speaker
2021.03.31 18:00 English Shirley Shi


Shirley Shi

Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Ms. Shirley Shi is mainly responsible for EU REACH and UK REACH, SIEF coordination, successfully assisting numerous enterprises in their compliance projects, while maintaining a good relationship with many lead registrants and specializing in dealing with tough cases.

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