CRAC-HCF 2020 — Management of Global Pesticide Registration

Nov. 19th, 2020

Rob Van Drent, Jean Lou Dorne, Guangming Ma, etc.



So far, this 2020 has been like none before. The COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts have been felt across economies all over the world. As countries try new and adapted regulatory strategies for this New Normal, the CRAC-HCF 2020 Virtual Forum will explore the theme “Towards a More Synergic Future “, with the aim of bridging knowledge and communication gaps across regions and share innovative and value-added regulatory, policy and market insights. The 2020 Forum will focus on the current status and future challenges and possibilities found in chemicals management, environmental safety, pesticides, disinfection products, cosmetics and food contact materials in Asia, EU, U.S and other major trade partners.

From Nov 19, 2020 – Nov 27, 2020, we are proud to announce the CRAC-HCF 2020 Forum will present the breakout session of the Management of Global Pesticide Registration.

This forum will be held online and 100% free for all attendees. The event will not only help you to scale into the untapped potential worldwide but will also consist of additional workshops and guest speaker sessions, that will help our future leaders to develop networks and transform their ideas into actions!


  • Pesticide Registration System in China
  • Pesticide Registration Requirements and Market Analysis in Broader Asia-Pacific
  • European and U.S. Pesticide Registration and Management
  • Pesticide Registration System in Other Trade Areas


Date Time (GMT+8) Topic
2020-11-19 14:00 — 14:40 Analysis of China Pesticide Import-Export Market and Interpretation of Export Regulations
14:40 — 15:20 Understanding Latest Developments in China’s Pesticide Registration System
15:20 — 16:00 Introduction to FAO Pesticide Specifications and Application Strategies
16:00 — 16:40 Implications on Resistance Risk Assessment to New Pesticide Active Substance and Formulation
16:40 — 17:00 Q&A
2020-11-20 14:00 — 14:40 Biopesticide Registration in the EU
14:40 — 15:20 Introduction of Risk Envelope Approach for Risk Assessment
15:20 — 16:00 Changes and Interpretation of PPP Regulation after Brexit
16:00 — 16:40 Q&A
2020-11-26 14:00 — 14:40 U.S. EPA Regulations and Registration Policy
14:40 — 15:20 Pesticide Registration Policy and Market Analysis in Brazil
15:20 — 16:00 Pesticide Registration Policy and Market Analysis in Argentina
16:00 — 16:40 Interpretation of Mexican Pesticide Regulations and QSAR Requirements
16:40 – 17:00 Q&A
2020-11-27 14:00 — 14:40 A Look into Japan’s Pesticide Market and Current Registration Policy
14:40 — 15:20 Pesticide Registration Policy Interpretation and Market Strategies in Thailand
15:20 — 16:00 The Latest Pesticide Registration Policy and Market Analysis in Vietnam
16:00 — 16:40 A Look Into India’s New Pesticide Registration Policy and Market Opportunities
16:40 – 17:00 Q&A

Keynotes Speakers


         Rob Van Drent                                              Jean Lou Dorne                                            Guangming Ma                                     Chutima Ratanasatien

                 Ctgb                                        European Food Safety Authority              Environmental Protection Agency         Plant Variety Protection Division of the                                                                                                                                                                   in California                                   Department of Agriculture, Thailand

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