Chemicals Regulations in Korea – Update on K-REACH, KOSHA and K-BPR

Jun. 9th, 2021

Willi Weßelowscky,Anthea Zhou, Yeji Hong

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Are you export new chemicals to Korea? Are you familiar with the new Korean MSDS requirement? Then you should be aware of the current chemical legislation.

The Chemicals Act on the Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals (ARECs), introduced in South Korea in 2015, is better known as the Korean-REACH (K-REACH) and has already been updated in 2019. Furthermore, the revised Korea Occupational Safety and Health Act (KOSHA) was also published in 2019. Since this year, there has been important changes regarding the online submission of MSDSs. In addition, the Consumer Chemical Products and Biocides Safety Act (K-BPR) was enacted in 2019, which regulates biocidal products and consumer chemicals on the Korean market. The current amendments, which came into force on 1 January 2021, also contain important aspects that you should not neglect.

Together with our experts from the REACH24H Consulting Group in Hangzhou, China, we provide you with the latest regulatory developments and practical requirements in this webinar. In the first part, we will look in particular at the complex Korean chemicals legislation, while in the second part we will take a closer look at how to deal with Korean safety data sheets. You will receive valuable advice on how companies should deal with the regulations based on actual cases.


  • Current situation on the Act on the Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals (ARECs)
    • Introduction to Korea REACH (K-REACH): Registration of existing and new substances
    • Overview of K-REACH exemptions
    • Submission of MSDS in Korea under the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Act (KOSHA)
  • Overview of Consumer Chemical Products and Biocides Safety Act (K-BPR)
    • Introduction to the K-BPR
    • Compliance requirements of the K-BPR
    • Practical advice for companies
  • Q&A session and discussion


Date Time (WET) Language
2021-06-09 9:30 ~ 12:30 English


Willi Weßelowscky

Head of Dangerous Goods

Willi Wesselowscky is senior consultant and professional for transport and storage of dangerous goods and hazardous plant safety with over 20 years experiences in EU Dangerous Goods Advising for all modes of transport and Port Facility Security.

Anthea Zhou

Technical Supervisor

Anthea Zhou is the technical leader of K-REACH team in REACH24H Consulting Group. She got master’s degree in applied chemistry and has almost 9 years’ experience on global chemical/pesticides/biocides regulatory compliance work, especially in EU REACH, EU BPR, K-REACH, K-BPR and US EPA.

Yeji Hong

Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Yeji Hong is from Industrial Chemical Department of REACH24H Korea. She has almost 7 years’ experience on global industrial chemical regulatory compliance work, especially in K-REACH, K-OSHA, K-CCA, EU-REACH, China-REACH, etc.

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