2019 China Food Industry Recap: Key Trends, Key Strategies and Growth Points

Dec. 19th, 2019

Jocelyn Sun



In 2019, amidst the backdrop of China’s consumption upgrade, we witnessed the emergence and resurgence of both new food brands and established enterprises. Of particular relevance to international stakeholders was the continued upward trajectory of import volume and value statistics, and the roll-out of several high-level policies designed to further facilitate inward trade and stimulate continued consumption.

As China’s love affair with healthy living continued to shape consumer preference and product development, we were treated with the launch of several highly innovative and well-received products.  We saw the launch of Miss Zero’s meal replacement products, plant-based meat substitutes from Shuangta, a raft of innovative clean label beverages, and various iterations of the value-added dairy theme, such as protein-fortified yogurts, sports nutrition and much more. Three Squirrels continued its meteoric rise to dominance in China’s snack segment, recording a staggering 1.05 billion RMB sales in 24 hours during China’s double 11 festival, and ranking number 1 in total snack food sales for the seventh consecutive year.

For this webinar, ChemLinked has selected the most important market events affecting six segments of the food sector: infant formula, complementary food for babies/infant/toddlers, etc., dairy products, health food, snacks, and sports nutrition. We will showcase essential data and offer our insightful perspective on the key trends shaping growth, product development, and consumer preference in China’s food sector. We will provide case studies that encapsulate crucial strategies adopted by successful brands in China’s market and which can be utilized by brands currently operating in or considering entering the Chinese market.


1. Introduction: Overview of 2019 China’s Food Market

2. Analysis: Trends & Key Predictions for 2020

3. 6 Noteworthy Sectors

Sector 1 Infant Formula

Sector 2 Complementary Food for Babies/Infants/Toddlers

Sector 3 Dairy

Sector 4 Health Food (Functional foods)

Sector 5 Snacks

Sector 6 Sports Nutrition

Sector 7 Other

4. Recommendations & Conclusion

Who Shall Attend

  • Domestic and overseas food companies interested in understanding Chinese consumer preferences, product development trends and key marketing strategies
  • Any food company or individual interested in case studies showcasing the key growth strategies in 2019


Jocelyn Sun

Research Analyst at ChemLinked

Jocelyn Sun is a food regulatory and market affairs research analyst working at ChemLinked. She graduated from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) with a master’s degree in marketing. Jocelyn has expertise in China health foods, China FSMP regulatory requirements, imported fresh food, organic certification, and GMO.


Time (China standard time) Language World clock
Session 1 10:00-11:00 Dec. 19, 2019 English Melbourne: 13:00-14:00
Session 2 21:30-22:30 Dec. 19, 2019 Paris: 14:30-15:30
New York: 8:30-9:30


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