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[Free Webinar] Taiwan TCSCA and OSHA Chemical Management Updates


Phase 1 Existing Chemical Substance Registration under Taiwan TCSCA will take effect on 1 Sep 2015, which will present new challenges for industry. This webinar will examine the regulations companies must comply with to access Taiwan’s market and provide the latest updates and practical tips for potential registrants.

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18 Aug 2015


10:00-11:00 am


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Webinar Contents

  • Brief Introduction of New & Existing Chemical Substance Registration under Taiwan TCSCA and OSHA
  • Interpretation of Phase 1 Existing Chemical Substance Registration
  • The Latest Progress of New Chemical Substance Registration
  • Practical Compliance Advice on Taiwan Chemical Substance Registration


Chinese Session:

Joyce Chen

Senior Regulatory Consultant from REACH24H Consulting Group

Ms. Joyce Chen is a core member of the technical team focusing on the chemical regulations in the Asia Pacific region, in particular China’s new chemical substance notification, Taiwan TCSCA and Taiwan new and existing chemical registration.

English Session:

Shawn Xiang

Senior Regulatory Consultant from REACH24H Consulting Group

Mr. Shawn Xiang is a recognized expert in China ‘REACH’, Taiwan TCSCA and Taiwan OSHA. He has gained extensive hands-on experience in data gap analysis, project management, exposure scenario development, etc.

Japanese Session:

Jimmy Liu

Regulatory Consultant from REACH24H Consulting Group

Mr. Jimmy Liu worked in Japan for more than 8 years, as a regulatory analyst and has several areas of specialization in China NCSN, Hazardous Chemical Registration in China, China GHS and Taiwan regulatory compliance.

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