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Current Situation and Development Analysis of China’s Fertilizer Market Featured

11th June, 2019(Tuesday)


China’s rapid rural development in the past 40 years, its growing middle class and growing awareness as to international quality and security standards are only some of the factors that have ushered in an increasing demand from the agricultural industry, particularly in its demand for fertilizer products. As of May 7, 2019, the total registration number of fertilizer products in China was 19,161, with water soluble products taking the biggest share at 66% (a total of 12,644 registrations). As of 2018, the demand for water soluble fertilizers had already reached about 5 million tons –and the number is still increasing every year.

With such a high demand for fertilizers, more and more domestic and international companies find themselves turning to the latest fertilizer policy updates and trends in the hopes of furthering their fertilizer business opportunities in China.

In 2017, China MOA published the “Service Guidance of Fertilizer Registration for Administrative Licensing” to better regulate fertilizer industry and facilitate the entry of fertilizer products. This Guidance offered guidelines on how to legally register fertilizer products in China.

Additionally, just last year Chinese authorities announced a series of policies to help further reduce/cancel chemical fertilizer export tariffs, issuing the Environmental protection law of the People's Republic of China. Also, the Soil Pollution Control Law and other standards were released to support environmental protection efforts and to consolidate a more sustainable fertilizer industry. As may be expected, these regulations and standards have had a wide effect on China’s fertilizer market development in 2019, making it a priority for all companies in the industry.

In order to help global fertilizer companies better understand the most updated situation and future development trends in China’s fertilizer market, on June 11, REACH24H will hold a free webinar on the “Current Situation and Development Analysis of China’s Fertilizer Market” .

We welcome all professionals to join in!

Webinar Time

Date: June 11, 2019 (Tuesday)

Language: English

The webinar is FREE

*The webinar will be broadcasted twice to facilitate access by our international audience:

Morning Session (Option 1):

CET Time  09:00-10:00 am

(Beijing Time 15:00-16:00 pm )


Afternoon Session (Option 2):

CET Time 15:30-16:30 pm

(Beijing Time 21:30-22:30 pm)




1. Introduction into the current situation of the fertilizer market in China

2. Discussion on recent developments in China’s fertilizer market

3. What developments should we expect in the future?

4. Highlights of the most updated China fertilizer regulatory compliance regulations



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