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Preparing for JT/T 617: Updated Regulation on Road Transport of Dangerous Goods in China


Road transportation of dangerous goods plays a very important role in China’s chemical industry. Undoubtedly, the safety management of road transportation of dangerous goods is of extreme significance. China MOT recently released JT/T 617-2018 the Regulations concerning road transportation of dangerous goods, which has drawn great attention from the industry.

In this webinar, we will interpret JT/T 617, summarize the key points for road transportation of dangerous goods in China and compare it with the EU ADR to help enterprises improve road transport safety and remove compliance hurdles.


  1. Background
  2. Problems Targeted
  3. Main Contents of JT/T 617
  4. Key Points of Compliance
  5. Comparison with EU ADR

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Date Time (China standard time, GMT+8) Language
November 27th, 2018 (Tuesday) 10:00-11:00 English
14:00-15:00 Chinese
22:00-23:00 English

*The English session will be delivered twice to facilitate the audiences from different time zones.


Mr. Jackie Jin

Regulatory Consultant

REACH24H Consulting Group

Mr. Jin graduated from University of Manchester with a Master's degree of Polymer Materials. He plays a key role in REACH24H and primarily engages in compliance work related to global GHS, chemical registration and transport of dangerous goods. He has rich experience on industry’s best practices and has successfully assisted many enterprises with their compliance projects.

Who shall Attend

  • Experts from laboratory / scientific research institute
  • Decision-makers from multi-national enterprises
  • Product stewardship managers
  • Responsible persons in EHS department
  • Project managers of chemical enterprises
  • Responsible persons of regulatory affairs
  • Supply chain managers
  • Any professionals eager to be acquainted with China TDG


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