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China’s ADR is coming! Seminar: Transport of Dangerous Goods in China Featured


Do you import or export hazardous chemicals or articles to and from China? Do you know the latest Chinese ADR regulation about JT/T 617? Just on 6 September 2018, China MOT officially published the Regulation on Road Transportation of Dangerous Goods (JT/T 617). Apart from JT/617, there are an additional 27 industrial standards regulating transportation. 8 standards were revoked. JT/617 has received high international attention as the China’s first comprehensive standard regulating road transport of dangerous goods, integrating UN TDG, ADR and Chinese standards.

If you’re aware of the current legal situation in the field of the chemical and dangerous goods regulations. Together with our experts of the REACH24H Consulting Group from Hangzhou, China, we provide you with the latest knowledge and practical requirements.

China’s experienced consultants will guide you to interpret the first-hand information about the difference between EU and China’s regulation on dangerous goods on Seminar!


Date: October11, 2018 (09:30-16:00)

Location: Springer Fachmedien München GmbH, Verlag Heinrich Vogel, Aschauer Str. 30, 81549 Munich

Language: English

Price: €595.00 plus VAT


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■ Introduction: Dangerous goods - The Transport of Dangerous Goods to China.

  • Some practical experiences of an European shipper

■ Interpretation to China's Transport Regulatory System for all Modes of Transport

  • Administrative authorities
  • Regulatory framework
  • Regulatory developments

■ Requirements of the Chinese Dangerous Goods Management

  • The current situation of Chinese Dangerous Goods Management
  • The key interpretation of 《Measures for Safety Administration of Road Transport of Dangerous Goods》 and JT 617 standard
  • Case study with compliant suggestions to transport of Dangerous Goods in China.

■ Interpretation of the latest policy for the inspection and supervision of import and export of dangerous goods

  • Regulatory basis: There will be a brief introduction of regulatory systems for import and export of dangerous goods as well as other hazardous chemicals
  • Detail interpretation of key points of compliance. Mainly focus on inspection scope, documentation, packing requirements another special requirements from local authorities
  • Other national compulsory requirements like "Label Review"

■ Transport of small packages: Limited Quantities and Excepted Quantities

  • Regulatory framework for small packaging transport in China
  • Specific provisions on small packaging transport of dangerous goods in China
  • Case study of small packaging transport of dangerous goods.

■  One Shipment of Dangerous Goods in China

  • Shipper's obligations
  • Classification
  • Packaging
  • Consignment

■ Practical workshop and discussion


We would like to introduce you to the speakers of this seminar, who may vary based on date and location. As experts, they work daily for our customers as consultants or as trainers.

Mr. Willi Weßelowscky

Head of Dangerous Goods


Mr. Willi Weßelowscky is senior consultant and professional for transport and storage of dangerous goods and hazardous plant safety with over 20 years experiences in EU Dangerous Goods Advising for all modes of transport and Port Facility Security.

He conducts many trainings in IATA-DGR (air) and speaks as an expert about all subjects concerning the transport and storage of dangerous goods at national and international meetings and conferences.

Mr. Jackie Jin

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

REACH24H Consulting Group

Mr. Jin graduated from University of Manchester with master's degree in polymer materials and now is focusing on tracking of chemical management (mainly including GHS and registration of chemicals) globally and has offered compliant services including classification and compilation of SDSs and labels for hazardous chemicals to many domestic and foreign companies. He also specializes in JT/T 617-Regulations on road transport of dangerous goods in China and is familiar with differences between JT/T 617 and ADR in EU and is capable of providing professional compliant consultation services on transportation of dangerous goods (including transport of small packages) in China and EU as well.

Ms. Sabrina Wang

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

REACH24H Consulting Group

Ms. Wang is responsible for researching laws and regulations of GHS, the management of hazardous chemicals, and the transport of dangerous goods, etc. Meanwhile, she put forward compliance program and countermeasures for many customers and enterprises according to the regulatory requirements.

She will introduce the China’s Transport Regulatory System and Regulatory developments on the conference.

Mr. Alex Zhao

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

REACH24H Consulting Group

Mr. Zhao is experienced in classification and labeling (C&L) and compiling safety data sheets (SDS) in compliance with the requirements of China GHS. He regularly runs training programs on China GHS and hazardous chemical regulations for international companies and provided regulatory compliance service for over 500 enterprises.

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