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[FREE WORKSHOP] Introduction to Updated Regulation on Pesticide and Fertilizer Management in China and EU Featured


With the deepening of trade cooperation between China and Spain, the agrichemical enterprises in both countries have been working increasingly close in the recent years. However, when entering the each other's markets, related market participants have still to face compliance challenges.

In China, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) has spent considerable effort revising its most relevant regulations to improve the quality and safety of agricultural products. This revision process led to the new Regulation on Pesticide Administration (RPA) and its Implementation Rules, which took effect in 2017. The new RPA and its implementation rules significantly changed the registration process and labeling requirements of pesticides, enhancing the management of highly toxic pesticides, including increased fines and blacklisting. Meanwhile, the Management Measures of Fertilizer Registration also underwent significant revisions at the end of 2017. Temporary registrations were removed, and fertilizer samples are now required for re-testing in designated laboratories to ensure quality. All these latest changes have made the regulatory compliance process of pesticides and fertilizers in China much stricter and more complicated.

As one of the most developed economies, the EU has also issued a very strict and complex regulatory system to manage the placing of different kinds of agro-inputs such as Plant Protection Products (PPP), plant nutritional products (PNP) as well as bio-stimulants on its market. Meeting regulatory compliance requirements and entering the EU market is thus a challenge to most agro-inputs related companies. Not only does it mean high costs and a big time investment, it also requires related companies to have a strong technical team to fulfil data requirements.

In order to help companies in the industry have a clear understanding of pesticides and fertilizer registration in China and EU, REACH24H Consulting Group will hold a free workshop to offer an updated and detailed interpretation of changes on related regulations, and provide key elements to determine the tactical and effective strategic implementation for the registration of pesticides and fertilizers in China and EU.

REACH24H and the Association of Pesticide Industry, Shandong Province (APIS) in China will jointly invite more than 20 Chinese agrochemical companies to attend the workshop, so as to promote effective exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and Spanish enterprises.

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Target Audience

• Key decision makers of agrochemical companies from EU and China

• Product Managers/ Supply Chain Managers/ Trade Marketing Managers

• Regulation experts/ Product Registration Managers

• Fertilizer /Pesticide/Bio-stimulants and other industry media


Date: Sep 7, 2018

Hotel: Hotel 4 Barcelona

Address: Carrer del Dr. Trueta, 164, 08005 Barcelona, Spain


Cost: Free

Registration: Please click here.

Tips: Please present your letter of confirmation at the time of registration.

Workshop Schedule





Registration and Credential Pick-Up

1:00 pm-1:45pm

Topic 1: A look into China’s New Pesticide Regulation and Compliance Strategy

Ms. Summer Cai

Senior Regulatory Specialist


1:50 pm-2:35pm

Topic 2: Introduction to China’s Revised Fertilizer Regulation and Compliance Strategy

Ms.Ivy Zhang

Senior Regulatory Specialist REACH24H CONSULTING GOURP


Topic 3: A look into EU’s Pesticide Regulation and Compliance Strategy

Mr. James Pickering

Government official UK (HSE)


Topic 4: Introduction to EU’s Fertilizer Regulation and Compliance Strategy

Ms. María Aguirrebengoa

Project Manager



Business negotiations and networking


Closing Remarks


Ms.Summer Cai

Senior Regulatory Specialist from REACH24H CONSULTING GROUP

Ms. Cai mainly focuses on regulatory matters of China pesticides registration. She has rich experience in compliance strategic analysis, preparation and submission of dossiers.

Ms.Ivy Zhang

Senior Regulatory Specialist from REACH24H CONSULTING GROUP

Ms. Zhang mainly focuses on technical and regulatory matters for all kinds of fertilizers and bio-stimulants in China. She has developed a wide experience in regulatory compliance strategic analysis, preparation and submission of dossiers.


Mr. James Pickering

Regulatory Specialist in the Pesticides Delivery Team, UK Chemicals Regulation Division at the Health and Safety Executive.

James has worked for the Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) of the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) since 2015. His current role as a regulatory specialist focuses on the regulation of plant protection products in the UK and the EU and, has most recently worked on a variety of applications for emergency situations in the UK. Before Joining HSE, James worked for three years in the biocide industry, working with insecticides and rodenticides. He has an undergraduate degree in applied science and forensic investigation and a master’s degree in environmental technology.

Ms. María Aguirrebengoa Garzón

Project Manager CEHTRA SL

María hold an engineer degree in Agronomy from the Polytechnic School of Madrid. She has experience in regulatory affairs, in fertilizers and phytosanitary products both in private companies and in the public sector (Ministry of Agriculture). She currently works as Project Manager for CEHTRA SL where she will be able to put her knowledge to the service of Industry.

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