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With the implementation of the "The Belt and Road Initiatives", China aims to use the historical symbols of the ancient Silk Road, actively develop economic partnership with Asia-Pacific countries . Enterprises are also paying increasing attention to Chinese major trade partners along the "Belt and Road" in Asia-Pacific such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and India. When exploring new markets and trade cooperation, enterprises must know the trade market situation and avoid the technical barriers that exist in trade so as to avoid unnecessary losses. For the trend of the hazardous chemicals industry: Asia-Pacific countries and the EU have developed a series of laws and regulations related to hazardous chemicals management. Import and export access of hazardous chemicals is also more stringent. In this webinar, we will interpret the progress in the hazardous chemicals management especially GHS implementation in these Asia-Pacific countries. Help enterprises to better trade cooperation with Asia-Pacific countries. Aim at helping enterprises to more smoothly carry out trade cooperation with the Asia-Pacific countries.


1. A Brief introduction of GHS

2. Progress of hazardous chemicals management in Asia Pacific countries

3. GHS Compliance Strategy in Asia Pacific countries

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(GMT+8, China Standard Time)
Dec 22nd, 2017 Chinese 10:00-11:00 Click here to register
English 22:00-23:00 Click here to registerClick here to register


Mr. Jackie Jin (English Session)

GHS Regulatory Consultant

REACH24H Consulting Group

Jackie Jin graduated from University of Manchester with a Master's degree of Polymer Materials. He is a GHS compliance specialist mainly focusing on GHS compliance services in many countries and has sufficient experience in preparation of SDS, label as well as research on regulations of road transport of dangerous goods worldwide.


Mr. Alex Zhao (Chinese Session)

GHS Regulatory Consultant

REACH24H Consulting Group

Alex graduated from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, with a Master's degree in Chemistry. He is experienced with the GHS compliance work in many countries and provided regulatory compliance service for over 1,000 enterprises, including the chemicals classification, SDS and labelling.


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