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[Seminar in Germany] China REACH and GHS Compliance Seminar 2016

Seminar Overview

The year of 2015 is by no means an uneventful year for China’s chemical and environmental management. Work safety accidents occurred frequently, with the catastrophic Tianjin Blasts of 12 August attracting the most attention, igniting a huge public outcry for risk management of hazardous chemicals. More and more companies began to realize that there is no such thing as sustainable development without an environmental friendly chemical management. In the meantime, the Chinese authorities have stepped up efforts for intensified regulation, putting into effect the Inventory of Hazardous Chemicals (2015) on 1 May and its corresponding Implementation Guidance on 19 August as well as releasing the revised China New Chemical Substance Notification Guidance and the Measures for the Environmental Management Registration of Hazardous Chemicals on 25 June and 19 October respectively for public consultation.

Chemical substance registration in Taiwan is regulated by two regulations, namely the Regulation of Registration of New and Existing Chemical Substances under TCSCA (effective on 11 Dec 2014) and the Regulation of New Chemical Substances Registration under OSHA (effective on 1 Jan 2015). To facilitate a good enforcement of these regulations, competent authorities in Taiwan took several moves to support the implementation of these regulations by releasing the updated Taiwan Existing Chemical Substance Inventory (TCSI) and the online submission system as well as launching the Phase I Registration. The fact that chemical substances manufactured or imported in Taiwan are regulated by two different legislations brings daunting challenges to companies seeking for regulatory compliance there.

To address these concerns, UMCO and REACH24H will host ‘China REACH and GHS Compliance Seminar 2016’ on 26 April, 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. As China’s foremost regulatory compliance service provider, this seminar promises a chance to pick the brains of China’s preeminent regulatory experts, and take home the most up-to-date regulatory compliance information.


This one-day seminar promises an overview of chemical regulations in China and Taiwan, and will feature a multitude of practically useful China and Taiwan compliance advice. Participants will be provided with a detailed explanation of major chemical regulations, including China New Chemical Substance Notification, China GHS, China Hazardous chemical registration, Taiwan New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration etc.

Major Contents

1. Chemical Regulations Overview for China and Taiwan Market

Part I Regulations Overview

  • Basic concepts/definitions and background
  • Registration Scope

Part II Key Points of Regulations

  • Legal framework
  • Registration types
  • Registration procedure
  • Post obligations

2. China GHS Implementation and Comparison with EU CLP

Part I Background to China GHS

  • Decree 591
  • Competent authorities for China GHS

Part II Regulation System

  • Legal framework of China
  • Regulatory system of hazardous chemicals management
  • China GHS related national standards
  • C&L Inventory

Part III Compliance Requirements & Comparison with EU CLP

  • Hazard determination (classification)
  • SDS compilation
  • Label compilation
  • Other obligations

3. Hazardous Chemical Registration in China (Including the Newly Released Inventory Guidance)

Part I Background to China Hazardous Chemical Registration

  • Legal bases
  • Implementation status

Part II Measures on HazChem Registration

  • Key points of “SAWS Order 53”
  • Physical Hazard identification – “SAWS Order 60”

Part III Newly Released Inventory Guidance and Compliance Suggestions

  • Key points of Inventory Guidance
  • Industry obligations under new inventory

4. Taiwan New and Existing Chemical Registration

Part I Concise Overview of Critical Checkpoints

  • Checkpoints of basic/important concepts
  • Checkpoints of new and existing chemical substance registration
  • Latest updates and intelligence

Part II Case Study and Experience Sharing

  • Common problems summarized by TPR and competent authority
  • Practical cases study
  • CBI application and information disclosure
  • Pertinent suggestions and take home messages

5. China New Chemical Substance Notification (China NCSN) - Newly Revised Guidance

Part I Overall Introduction of Notification Guidance Revision

  • Background
  • Principle and process of revision

Part II Main Changes in the Guidance Revision

Part III Summary and Comparison of China NCSN and Taiwan TCSCA/OSHA

Target Audience

Director/Manager in EHS department

Director/Manager involved in the supply chain

Lawyers concerned about the Asian chemical regulatory compliance

Decision makers who seek marketing opportunities in Chinese chemical market

Experts who pay close attention to chemical regulations in China and Asian countries

Registration Details

Date: 26 April 2016 (Tuesday)

Registration Fee: 595+VAT

*The registration fee includes all program materials, welcome coffee, lunch, and twice per day refreshments.

Free Handbook of 2015 Chemical Regulatory Review of the Asia Pacific Region Worth: €140

How to register?

Register online

Seminar Venue

Raphael Hotel Wälderhaus

Am Inselpark 19, Wilhelmsburg, 21109 Hamburg, Germany

Special Room Rate

This seminar is offering attendees a special room rate of EUR 80.00 per single room. Please refer to the code “UMCO” when making a reservation.


25/04/2016 19:00-21:00 Get together for all seminar attendees in Wälderhaus, Hamburg



Reception & Welcome Coffee


Welcome Speech and Introduction to the Topics

Kerstin Heitmann, Ariane Stoll, UMCO


Chemical Regulations Overview for China and Taiwan Market

Lynn Huang, REACH24H Consulting Group


Coffee Break


China GHS Implementation and Comparison with EU CLP

Bella Zheng, REACH24H Consulting Group


Q&A Session


Lunch Break


Hazardous Chemical Registration in China (Including the Newly Released Inventory Guidance)

Bella Zheng, REACH24H Consulting Group


Taiwan New and Existing Chemical Registration

Shawn Xiang, REACH24H Consulting Group


Coffee Break


China New Chemical Substance Notification (China NCSN)-Newly Revised Guidance

Shawn Xiang, REACH24H Consulting Group


Q&A Session


Summary & Wrap-Up


Lynn Huang, Key Account Dept. Manager

REACH24H Consulting Group

Ms. Huang is a recognized professional consultant for Global Chemical regulations, specializing not only in China Reach, China GHS, but also regulations from US, EU and other countries or regions.

Lynn Huang is responsible for business collaboration with Australian, Swiss, Russia, Indonesia, and Japan partners as well as serves REACH24H VIP clients. She has gathered extensive experience in Chinese and Europe chemical regulation compliance practices and is professional in helping international companies in solving global chemical regulatory affairs they faced. She is also an experienced speaker who gives presentation in REACH24H’s annual seminars around the globe.

Shawn Xiang, Senior Regulatory Specialist

REACH24H Consulting Group

²  Core member of REACH24H’s AP Chemical Registration Team and a recognized expert in China NCSN, Taiwan TCSCA/OSHA.

²  Familiar with the legal system and compliance work of China NCSN and Taiwan TCSCA/OSHA.

²  Managed many new chemical registration cases covering all notification types in both China NCSN and Taiwan and thus gained extensive hands-on experience in data gap analysis, project management, exposure scenario development.

Bella Zheng, Chemical Regulatory Specialist

REACH24H Consulting Group

Ms. Bella Zheng is a Chemistry Master from Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany. She is an important member of GCCCD (Society of Chinese chemists and chemical engineers in the Federal Republic of Germany), delivered a speech on “optical absorption spectroscopy of the crystal oxides” at the 2011 GCCCD Annual Conference. She has 3 years of experience in China chemistry industry and wide-ranging expertise in China-GHS Regulatory compliance.


Kerstin Heitmann, Head of REACH Team


Ms. Kerstin Heitmann is a graduate chemist (German Diplom) and can draw on many years of experience in REACH consulting. Due to her extensive knowledge of the European REACH regulation and lending to her years of experiences consulting high-profile clients in registration, she is known as a reputable and highly competent expert in working groups and often a speaker at conferences.

Ariane Stoll, Chemical Management


Ms. Ariane Stoll is a certified food chemist and is a consultant for chemical management at UMCO. Among her responsibilities are the creation of legally conform safety data sheets according to CLP- and REACH-Regulation.

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