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USA EPA Pesticide Regulations

USA EPA Pesticide Regulations (some regulations listed only)

  • Ÿ   FIFRA, Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act
  • Ÿ   FFDCA, Federal Food Drugs and Cosmetic Act
  • Ÿ   FQPA, Food Quality Protection Act
  • Ÿ   PRIA, Pesticide Registration Improvement Act

USA EPA Pesticide Legislation and Implementation Agency

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is mainly responsible for pesticide registration and pesticide related company supervision. In addition, EPA also sets Maximum Residue Limits for pesticide used in food and animal feed. Besides EPA, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and State’s Department of Agriculture are also the legislation and implementation agencies for pesticides in the USA.

USA EPA Pesticide Regulatory Compliance Requirements

1. Registration of company number and establishment number.

2. Submission of initial report and annual report.

3. Pesticide product registration based on FIFRA and other related regulations.

4. Making labels for pesticides.

Our Service Includes:

>>Pesticide risk assessment

>> Companies file record with authority in the state or province.

>> Submission of company annual report.

>>Product analysis and advice to constituent improvement
>>Application for pesticide registration based on requirements of USA EPA pesticide regulations

>>Registration documents preparation and review

>>Laboratory screening and test monitoring

>> USA EPA pesticide regulation training

ChemLinked Pesticide Portal

ChemLinked Pesticide Portal was created by REACH24H to meet the massive unanswered demand for quality and dependable China and Asian pesticide regulatory and compliance information. ChemLinked boasts a multidisciplinary team of scientists, compliance specialists and language experts backed by the vastly experienced technical teams at REACH24H ensuring our customers get the most authoritative information and dependable consultancy from the most experienced chemical regulatory experts.

At ChemLinked, we leverage our geographical and language advantages to bring you unparalleled access and up-to-the-minute coverage on Chinese crop protection issues all backed by a comprehensive regulatory database and act as a bridge connecting foreign and domestic interests with the information and services they need to comply with regulations and access China’s and Asia Pacific lucrative markets.

A wealth of resources available on pesticide portal:

  • Agropedia
  • News
  • Customized Report and Analysis
  • CPAD Query Service
  • Regulatory Database
  • E-book
  • One-to-One Expert Consultation Services
  • Compliance Services

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