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EU FCM (EU10/2011; EU EFSA ; BfR)

EU Food Contact Material Regulation

The Framework Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 is the basic Community legislation that covers all food contact materials and articles. As a basic framework, it defines food contact materials and articles and then sets the general principles that apply to all materials coming into contact with food. Details for implementing these general rules taking into account the specific risk of the individual material are given in the specific legislative measures. At present only five groups of materials(plastics, recycled plastics, regenerated cellulose film, ceramics, active and intelligent materials and articles) are covered by specific EU measures, among most comprehensive measure is (EU) No 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

BfR Certificate

BfR is a certificate declaring the product is in compliance with German FCM regulations. All food contact material and articles exported to Europe should be in compliance with the EU regulations as well as the regulations of its member states. BfR Recommendation sets regulations for many materials that EU hasn’t legislated. Especially for the polymer product, not only the approved monomer and initiator, but also the limitation of polymerization promoter and other substance are listed.

Our Service Includes:

>>Compliance strategy for food contact material
>> Making compliance proposal
>> EU FCM Compliance consulting report
>>Chemicals in EU FCM Positive List
>> Making DOC complying with EU FCM regulations
>> EC(No)10/2011 plastic compliance
>> Making Compliance Report under German FCM
>> AP89/1 test and report

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