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EHS Compliance Consultation Service

With the rapid development of chemical industry in our country, the scale of production, processing, storage and transportation of chemicals has been continuously expanding. The types, output, usage of chemicals and the emission of toxic and hazardous substances have been sharply increasing. The chemical safety accidents and environmental pollution incidents caused by the lack of effective management are on the rise. In order to effectively prevent the serious accidents of dangerous chemicals, ensure the safety of people’s life and property, protect and improve the environment, enhance the environmental quality and protect the public health, the government is actively improving and updating the laws and regulations on safety and environmental protection and gradually aggravating the punishment on the violations of laws and regulations. How to implement effective safe control and regulation of chemicals and how to perform the responsibilities and obligations of enterprise in environmental management have become the important contents of the sustainable development of chemical enterprises.

With the tenet of “Value in Compliance” and the use of rich experience and expertise accumulated in years of regulatory research and compliance practice, REACH24H Consulting Group could help the enterprises to accurately grasp key elements of EHS compliance from the complicated laws, regulations, specifications and standards concerning the environmental protection and safety, figure out and correct EHS management problems of the enterprises in time, in order to promote EHS planned management of the enterprises and reduce the risk of illegal behaviors.

Scope of services

EHS Regulatory Consultation Service

Service content

  • Sort, track and regularly update of regulations
  • Provide research, analysis and interpretation of policies and regulations to find out management basis and suggestions for the environmental protection and safety of enterprises’ compliance production, business expansion, product transformation and investment and establishment of factories
  • Provide solutions for the compliance problems of the enterprise, based on the understanding of the policies and regulations and the analysis of the compliance cases

Service advantages

  • Professional regulatory consultation team
  • In-depth cooperation with the industry experts
  • Configuration of the special technical consultants and commercial consultants for the project
  • Rich experience in consultation project and standard service process management
  • Provide Chinese, English and Japanese multilingual consultation Ensure professional, efficient and high-quality consultation service experience

Case demonstration

  • Entrusted by a large manufacturer specializing in manufacturing of fuel oil and lubricant additives, the EHS laws and regulations related to the import, production, filling, warehousing & storage, transportation, cleaning and disposal of raw materials and equipment are sorted out and summarized according to their actual conditions. The applicable provisions are extracted, annotated and interpreted, and then regular updating and supplementation of the contents of the regulations are provided. The database document covering hundreds of regulatory and standard records and compliance summaries provides a solid foundation for managing EHS compliance management of the enterprise.
  • At the end of 2015, Shanghai released Emission Standard for Air Pollutants in Shipping Industry (DB31/934-2015), which clearly specifies the limit of VOCs content of ready-to-use coating for vessel and requires implementation of the limit standard since January 1, 2017. However, in 2017, such provision set forth in the standard is not fully reflected in the compliance activity of the environmental protection supervision and vessel building and repairing enterprise. A famous marine coating manufacturer pays close attention to the time of market permit of coating products which VOCs exceed the standard as well as the potential legal risk about production and sales of out-of-limit products. Entrusted by the clients, REACH24H Consulting Group prepares the investigation and research scheme based on clients’ demands, collects, sorts and analyzes the national and local VOCs management policies and visits relevant units, vessel building and manufacturing enterprises and environmental protection management departments who participate in the standard preparation. The final investigation and research results and reports provide important references for the product development direction planned by the enterprises and ensuring the compliance operation.
  • Entrusted by the world’s famous Internet E-commerce company and based on the distribution and management status quo of its warehouse and storage resources in China, a comprehensive management and consultation service is provided for the safe storage and transportation of the dangerous goods and the compliance disposal of the dangerous wastes for the company to ensure that the E-commerce platform can understand the requirements of laws and regulations, grasp the key points of compliance and avoid the risks in combination with its own operation condition.

EHS Compliance Review

Purpose of review

EHS compliance review takes the laws, regulations, specifications and standards concerning the environmental protection management, safety of chemicals, production safety, storage safety, transportation safety, occupational health and fire safety as the review criteria to help the enterprises

(1) To clearly specify the scope of laws and regulations and key points of compliance applicable to the production and operation activities

(2) To figure out and correct the EHS management problems of the enterprise, promote and improve the EHS planned management of the enterprise and reduce the risk of illegal behavior of enterprise

Review process

Determine the review scope → Prepare the review scheme → Implement the review work → Issue the review report

Case demonstration

  • Carry out the complete vehicle plant, engine plant, assembly workshop and other workshops’ EHS compliance review on the branches in different regions under the commission of the famous vehicle group.
  • Carry out the compliance review on the storage safety of the dangerous chemicals and transportation safety of dangerous goods, manufactured by self-owned plants and original equipment manufacturers, under the commission of the coating manufacturer.
  • Carry out the compliance review on EHS (especially for the environmental protection) on several OEMs to be cooperated with, under the commission of the famous daily-used chemical enterprise. The review results can provide an important reference for screening the high-quality partners.

EHS Training

Helping the enterprise to sort the ideas and strategies for the chemical management from the complicated management policies, specifications, standards and technical means is the original intention of design of “full-process management training series for chemicals”. The trainings will be carried out in several important circulation links such as import and export, production and use, storage, transportation and disposal of the chemicals, to systematically and comprehensively sort and explain the regulatory requirements, basic knowledge, management tool and technical means of the chemical management, and combine the best practice sharing and effective interaction to enable the trainees to more rapidly achieve the transformation from knowledge to practice so as to ensure the best training effect.

Excellent courses of open classes for full-process management training of chemicals

  • Safety management training of chemicals
  • Safety management training of chemical process
  • Integrated management training of environmental protection
  • Emergency management and accident emergency response simulation of chemicals

Internal training course of enterprise

  • Excellent courses of open classes
  • Laboratory safety management
  • Storage and safety management of chemicals
  • Transportation and safety management of dangerous goods
  • Fire and explosion risk management of chemicals
  • Occupational health management of chemicals

Our services and advantages

Providing the enterprise with professional, efficient and high-quality one-stop EHS compliance consultation service integrating the regulatory consultation, site review and professional training is our action principle.

  • Professional

Establish professional regulatory consultation team and keep in-depth cooperation with the industry experts and consultants to ensure the professional technical consultation service

  • Efficient

The project is configured with special technical and commercial consultants to ensure that the clients’ demands will receive the timely response, thus creating compliance value for the clients

  • High-quality

Be equipped with the rich experience in consultation project and standard service process management and provide Chinese, English and Japanese multilingual consultation service ability to ensure the high-quality service process and good client experience

General Service Procedures

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