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Cosmetics Regulation in China

China established its current cosmetic regulatory system in 1990, through the implementation of the Regulation for Hygienic Supervision over Cosmetic Products. Various accompanying administrative rules, safety standards and guidelines were issued by the former competent authority, the China Ministry of Health (MoH), as well as the current competent authority, the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) through a 20 year period.

Get to Know Cosmetics Regulation in China
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1. Regulatory Framework and Competent Authority 2(6)CIQ Inspection
1(1)Existing Main Cosmetic Regulations in China 2(7)Production Licensing of Cosmetics in China
1(2)Competent Authority 3. Cosmetic Ingredient
2. Cosmetic Products 3(1)Cosmetic Ingredient Lists
2(1)Definitionk 3(2)Definition of New Cosmetic Ingredient
2(2)Classification 3(4)Registration of New Cosmetic Ingredients
2(3)Registration 4. Animal Testing Issue
2(4)Labeling 5. News
2(5)Claim 6. Expert Articles & E-books

Compliant Responsibility under Cosmetics Regulations in China
We have earmarked 5 Needs to Know regulatory hurdles which are key determinants for compliance and market accession:
*Pre-Market Approval
China implement a pre-market assessment system for all imported and domestically manufactured cosmetics products covering 9 categories of special uses, such as hair dye or whitening products.
*Responsible Agent
Oversea companies should appoint one competent Responsible Agent located within Mainland China to submit the pre-market application dossier for approval assessment. The Responsible Agent can be either a Chinese importer or independent third party.
*Formulation and New Ingredient
Formulation information is the key component of the application dossier, and will be intensively reviewed by the CFDA Expert Panel in the approval assessment process. Key considerations hinge on the consistency and correctness of the whole dossier. Furthermore, ingredients categorized as new in China, typically without inclusion into the IECIC, should be firstly approved prior to use in the related finished products.
*Safety Evaluation
China does not request the applicant to submit full safety evaluation reports for ingredients or finished products within the application dossier. However, the applicant should evaluate the safety of the juvenile product formulations and any ingredient with risk concerns.
*Good Manufacturing Practice
Oversea companies should prove the manufacturing process of imported cosmetics was carried out under sound quality management systems, such as ISO 22716, national regional GMP standards, or any other manufacturing quality standards and requirements adopted by the competent authority regulating cosmetic industry.

Our Service Includes:
>> Pre-Market Application Service for finished product and new ingredients
>> Responsible Agent Service for oversea companies
>> All-round Consultancy from label/ingredient review to full market access
>> Client-dependent Training for oversea companies and your China supplier/distributor
>> Chinese Trademark Registration for clients with interests in Chinese brand name


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REACH24H as the leading chemical regulation services provider in China has been tracing the latest trend of every China chemical regulation before its implementation, and always been on the forefront of compliance solution to them.

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Our Unremitting Effort in Regulatory Compliance with China Cosmetics
For Cosmetic Division, we devote to assisting you with professional team, immense knowledge basis, timely feedback and effective communication. International service experience is also necessary, we have already help companies from Germany, America, Singapore, Israel and so on. Our mission is to help clients make their products compliant and accessible in every intended market, and to build a great team that attracts, develops, excites and retains exceptional people.
For developing our China chemical regulation compliance service, we always keep on innovation. We developed Chemlinked, a rare platform providing access to the latest regulatory developments in Chemical Management in China, as well as REACH24H Chemical Inventory Search Tool.

In the past several years, we have brought our latest research and case study to the world by holding seminars and webinars in a regular basis. Cooperating with leading regulatory services providers, law enforcement authorities and industry associations, we have our workshops held in Europe,Asia and North America, diffusing chemical regulations of China. Meanwhile, our experts are always being invited by official institutions and chemical-related companies to conferences all over the world to introduce Chinese chemical regulations and their updates.
We grow with companies for advancing regulatory consciousness. Till the end of 2013, we have our workshops held in more than 20 cities. In the year of 2014, several events have already been carried forward, and many others are afoot.

 Till the end of 2013, we have our workshops held in more than 20 cities.

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