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The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is a prominent law in U.S. that aims to prevent unreasonable risks of injury to human health or the environment as well as to limit, prohibit, or ban chemical substances posing imminent hazards. Chemical substances under TSCA are clarified as either “existing substances” or “new substances”, compliance practices of which are different in various ways. For existing substances, manufactures and importers of certain chemicals shall fulfill the obligation Chemical Substance Reporting (CDR) after every four years. As the latest reporting period starting from June 1st, 2016 to September 30th 2016 comes close, REACH24 experts conducted a comprehensive interpretation of the CDR requirements under TSCA to help companies better comply with the regulation and avoid unnecessary trade conflicts.

According to Section VIII of TSCA, companies that manufacture or import certain chemicals that are included on the TSCA Chemical Substance Inventory are required to report production volume and other information for specified years if volumes hit the threshold. For the 2016 CDR, here below are what calls for due attention.

Overview of the 2016 CDR

When to Report?
From June 1st, 2016 to September 30, 2016

Who to Report?
Manufacturers or importers will be required to report if, for any calendar year between 2012 and 2015, a chemical substance was manufactured at or imported into a site in production volumes of 25,000 lbs. or greater. The reporting threshold will be lower at only 2,500 lbs. for certain chemical substances that are subject to TSCA section 5(a)(2), 5(b)(4), or 6 etc.

What to Report?
If reporting is required for a site, submitters must provide production volume information for all four years in this reporting period from 2012 to 2015. In some cases, the processing and use information shall be submitted as well if the thresholds were met.

How to Report?
Submit electronically via Central Data Exchange (CDX)

Suggestions by REACH24H

As manufactures and importers in the United States is the primary subject of CDR reporting, non-U.S. companies do not need to report directly. But for products in trade that contain Confidential Business Information (CBI), a joint submission is still possible. It is worth noting that for non-U.S. companies, if they set up subsidiaries in the U.S., then the subsidiaries may be required to fulfill the CDR obligation directly. In order to prevent the disclosure of significant business information, REACH24 Consulting Group suggests companies that:

  • Identify chemical substances subject to 2016 CDR;
  • Determine if you are required to report;
  • Register in CDX and prepare for online submission;
  • Collect information required to be submitted;
  • Determine if confidentiality claims need to be addressed;

REACH24H Consulting Group has a subsidiary company in the United State with Mr. Robert Kiefer as the general manager and is always readily prepared to assist you in TSCA compliance.

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reconnect with your colleagues and to create new lasting relationships!

Maryland, February 25~27, 2013

From February 25th to 27th 2013, REACH24H once again attended the annual GlobalChem Conference. The conference co-hosted by American Chemistry Council (ACC) and Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) laid as usual one of its footholds on China-based chemical regulations this year, and invited regulatory affairs specialist of equivalent regulations, Mr. Mai Fung, to address topics covering several of those most heated regulatory setbacks in recent years.


GlobalChem Conference

Details of the conference released earlier this year suggest the annual assembly among chemical industry will doubtlessly cast attention upon not only key priority issues and prospects for TSCA reform legislation, but also regulatory updates from other countries and regions. The three-day outbreak session will shift its press towards introductions of several chemical regulations much concerned by relevant stakeholders from around the world, on 27th the last day. After more than 4 years involving in providing regulatory solution for company better coping with chemical regulations in China, Mr. Mai Fung will usher in on the his turn a more practical look at the new chemical notification process, including how to arrange for a more effective testing strategy; what should be considered in cases where company HQ is located outside China; the comparison of testing costs, timelines, data collection; and how to protect confidential business information (CBI). The overall package of his insights aims directly at Measures on Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances, a regulation also known as ‘China Reach’ which affecting increasingly more companies around the world in their new chemical manufacturing, importing and downstream using within Chinese territory, ever since its coming into force in October 2010. In addition, the session will look at the obligations and timelines associated with the new China Globally Harmonized System (GHS) requirements to assist with compliance by providing practical instructions for China SDS and labeling preparation (e.g., 24/7 emergency response number; translation); as well as hazardous chemical registration under SAWS Order 53.


GlobalChem Exhibition

Together with the conference is GlobalChem Exhibition which corresponds to the conference as chemical industry professionals, covering various sectors, dealing with product stewardship and chemical control regulations in the U.S. and abroad, attending to network, learn trends and get answers to their daily compliance questions. Equally, REAH24H also have registered its booth in the GlobalChem numbered 108, where you may find our experts’ view towards chemical regulatory affairs in China and the solutions to cope with them.



Mai Fung,regulatory specialist

Mai Fung

Senior Regulatory Specialist

Mr. Mai Fung has more than five years’ experiences on providing professional chemical regulatory service for companies from around the world. He is key member of REACH24H’s consultant team and is now manager of RCU unit who regulates thousands of Manufacturers, distributors, importers and downstream users to be compliant with EU REACH. His latest study presses on China Reach and China GHS as well as dangerous chemical management laws grants him in-depth understanding of the regulatory trends in China.


To know more information of the 2013 GlobalChem, you may go to:

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Phone: +86 0571 8700 7500

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Conference Details

Date: Monday, February 25, 2013 - Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Time: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern Time

Venue: Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center
Address: 201 Waterfront Street, National Harbor, Maryland 20745
Room Rate: $219 Single/Double
Cut-off Date: February 4, 2013
Telephone contact: 443-573-8700

About GlobalChem

For over 20 years, GlobalChem conference has provided a unique educational opportunity for chemical industry professionals. Whether you are a newcomer, veteran, or in-between you will gain insight on various issues that are essential to your company's business. This annual conference pairs experts from industry and government with vendors in interactive learning sessions, which bring you key information relating to developments in important international markets, emerging science issues, hazard communication, and so much more. This conference and exposition delivers valuable information you can take back to your company.

About REACH24H

REACH24H is a China-based consulting firm, specializing in providing chemical regulatory consultancy, agency and technical support. Our main focus covers the major chemical regulations emerged all around the world, such as EU REACH, EU CLP, China Reach, China GHS, etc. We aims at assisting chemical manufacturers, importers and downstream users to effectively meet the chemical regulatory obligations as well as remove chemical regulatory barriers to their business. In recent years, our services have expanded to a larger extent with cutting-edge IT solution provided and partnerships with globally famous regulatory services providers established, such as WERCS, ChemAdvisor, etc. Our comprehensive cooperation with law enforcement bodies such as the ECHA in EU and CRC-MEP in China, ensure our staying at the forefront of regulatory development, helping us seizing the key to the regulatory affairs and trend.

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