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CW Survey on Chemical Compliance Service Satisfaction

Biggest driver for global compliance activities is EU REACH, China-related occupying 40%


21 January 2012


World-known chemical regulatory information platform, Chemical Watch, has published on 19 January a result of its recent annual survey - “What do you think about Service Providers?”. Preliminary findings found out over two thirds of companies will expand their in-house chemical compliance resources and 62% think about increasing outsourcing compliance activities over the next five years.


The CW Survey, due to close on 22 January 2012, is open to global companies in need of chemical regulatory information consultancy and chemical compliance services. Questions cover a wide range from the drivers and trends in chemical management and control activities to considerations in selecting chemical compliance service providers, including satisfaction rankings and service charging expectation.


Biggest driver for global compliance activities is EU REACH, China-related occupying 40%


In terms of identifying the global regulatory drivers for the provision of services in 2012, an overwhelming 92% of survey participants still identified REACH as the global driver, followed by the UN Globally Harmonized Sysem (GHS) for chemicals classification and labelling (51% of respondents), the EU CLP Regulation (47%), other global chemical notifications (41%) and China's notification and registration rules for new substances (40%).


Overall satisfaction levels are decreasing through 2011


Overall satisfaction levels have decreased from 88% at the time of last year’s survey, to 79% currently. There has been a marked drop in satisfaction levels in specific areas: 47% of participants are satisfied that their service providers are providing value for money, compared with 64% in last year’s survey; and 72% are happy that their briefs are being met, down from 83% in 2011.


Feedback about changing service provider and service charge expectation


When asked about whether the company was looking to change service provider in 2012, 9% said they had plans to change, while a further 51% said they would possibly change. Both these figures are up slightly on 2011. At the lower end of the satisfaction rankings, only 41% of clients are satisfied with the prices charged by their service providers, compared with 48% last year.


The news media is inviting more companies to participate in the survey. More survey findings about non-regulatory drivers and supply chain communications, etc. can be found on the Chemical Watch news press.



This news item was sourced with the help of Chemical Watch.

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