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Biocidal Product Authorization Consortia for Calcium Hypochlorite Featured

Recently, the EU Biocidal Products Committee had issued that the active chlorine released from Calcium hypochlorite have been officially approved on December 14, 2016. The details of the active substance as below:

Common name:

Active chlorine released from Calcium hypochlorite

Chemical name of the releaser:

Calcium hypochlorite

EC No. of the releaser:


CAS No. of the releaser:


According to the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR, Regulation (EU)528/2012), those companies whose active substance is Calcium hypochlorite in their biocidal products shall submit applications for biocidal product authorization no later than the date of approval of Calcium hypochlorite. Otherwise, the biocidal product shall no longer be made available on the market with effect from 180 days after the date of approval of Calcium hypochlorite.

Since the Calcium hypochlorite has been approved in December 14, 2016, the deadline of submit the product authorization dossier is the end of 2018 which is less than two years from now. In order not to affect the normal trade of relevant entity, it is the time for us to prepare product authorization right now.

As requested by many enterprises, REACH24H Group would like to establish a consortia for the purpose of applying biocidal products authorization under BPR for the biocidal products containing Calcium hypochlorite. As the initiator of the consortia, we have already collected the entire data about Calcium hypochlorite and some data of the products (some tests are under conducting in GLP laboratory) which will be very helpful for the consortia to well prepare the biocidal products authorization project. And some companies have already joined the consortia recently. If your products are included, we will be very happy to invite you to join us and help you to finish the biocidal products authorization.

Why should we attend the Consortia to get the biocidal product authorization?

1.  Cost saving and reduced administrative burden as much as possible

The significant advantage is the cost saving for the biocidal product authorization. The biocidal product consortia could divide the administration fee and reduce data cost because the biocidal product Consortia is allowed to use one set of data to help all the members to get the biocidal product authorization which could save at least half a million dollars. At the same time, the more members in the biocidal Consortia the less of the cost for each product.

2. Reduce the period and the workload of regulatory compliance

Using one set of data to apply the product authorization which could also reduce the workload for the companies and the Committee. In addition, the tests for each product is less, thus the experiment period might be shortened.

3. Reduce the technical and regulatory difficulty

REACH24H  is one of the most experienced consulting firms and have a strong technical team in toxicology/ecotoxicology/efficacy/Physico-chemical and other industries. We have been dedicated in studying EU Biocidal Product Directive (BPD 98/8/EC), tracking BPD updates, and researching updated EU Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) since 2008. Successively, we have helped lots of biocide companies to comply with BPR. REACH24H has participated in the Calcium hypochlorite active substance approval application and helped several companies to enter into Article 95 list. We had rich experience of Calcium hypochlorite product compliance and obtain plenty of information of the application requirement so we can give the company more reliable advices. Besides, in the process of many projects, we have established a good relationship with many competent authorities of the member states and the data owners of the Calcium hypochlorite which is benefit for our product authorization.

For further information of the biocidal product Consortia, please contact REACH24H.

REACH24H has rich experience in deal with EU BPR/EU PPP/USA EPA and can make custom-made compliance service for enterprises. If you have further questions, please consult :

Tel: +86-571-8700 7574

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