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Open Seminar on Chemical Management Policies among China, Japan and Korea

The Open Seminar on Chemical Management Policies among China, Japan and Korea was held in Beijing, China on 16th September 2009. It attracted hundreds of experts and representatives from all walks of life. RCS also attended the seminar.

At the seminar, responsible officials of China, Japan and Korea respectively stated the current situation of chemicals management, plans for amendment and REACH compliance and other regulatory concerns in their own countries.


The amendment to China REACH – "Provisions on the Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances" has entered its last stage and experts are engaged in examining the proposals put forward by shareholders. In this amendment, chemical management in China is transferred from a hazard assessment based approach to risk assessment.


Japanese REACH – "Chemical Substance Control Law" (CSCL) has been amended which was officially published in May 2009 and it will come into effect on 1st April 2010. The greatest difference between this amendment and previous ones is that all existing chemicals are included into a same chemical management system for more effective centralised control.


Korean REACH – "Toxic Chemicals Control Act" (TCCA) is being amended and a bill is likely to be submitted to the national assembly in September/ October 2009. In addition, Korea ministry of environmental protection will amend TCCA once again based on the REACH Regulation.


During the Q & A section, officials of three countries engaged in active interaction with delegates and companies and gave answers to questions that concerned stakeholders in industry. They also compared each regulation with EU REACH.


Mr. White, senior chemical consultant of RCS, posed several questions to the expert panel of China's Chemicals Registration Center regarding the formal effective date of China REACH and proposals on a possible amendment from industry.

After the seminar, Mr. White also discussed and exchanged opinions on China REACH with other representatives. A consensus was reached that regulations on chemical management of China, Japan and Korea will have substantial changes in 2010 and companies need be very aware and up to date on these regulatory issues and plan accordingly.

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