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Equity Bid Marks REACH24H Path Ahead, Led by General Manager Wei Wenfeng Featured

In recent years, REACH24H has achieved a steady development path, expanding into new professional fields and supporting the growth of its international as well as domestic presence. In order to better support the development strategy of the organization and make its next step in a more united and sustainable manner, the original shareholders and management group of REACH24H initiated a centralized bidding process. Involved in this bidding process were the following: China Testing and Testing Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Ding Yong, founder of REACH24H, and Mr. Wei Wenfeng, founder and general manager of REACH24H.

On August 13, 2019, the private equity bid of REACH24H Consulting Group took place in Zhejiang Equity Exchange Center. REACH24H General Manager Wei Wenfeng won the bid and acquired 100% stake, marking a new start for REACH24H’s development. Discussions regarding specific business and technical knowledge are still underway. As from the date of the acquisition, the company will no longer use the brand names of China Testing and CTI.

From left to right, Mr. Ding Yong, Mr. Wei Wenfeng, Mr. Zhou Lu,  Mr. Chen Yan

Mr. Wei Wenfeng is the current General Manager of REACH24H as well as one of its original founders. In 2009, he led a team of regulatory technical experts to establish the Sino-European REACH dialogue channel which culminated in the founding of REACH24H. In the past ten years, REACH24H has grown and become a reference business for compliance. With the end of the equity transaction, we can expect that under the leadership of Mr. Wei Wenfeng, REACH24H will enter a new stage of strategic growth, centered around innovation, partnership-based relations, and first-level compliance services for its customers and the society at large, creating more value and setting for even greater goals.


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