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REACH24H’s 2018 Annual Report & a Few Words for the New Year! Featured

To the REACH24H global family,

How time flies! We are close to REACH24H’s 10th anniversary. Thinking back to the time when we founded REACH24H 10 years ago, our main driver was to help China’s domestic chemical companies step out, so we decided to track the implementation and progress of EU REACH regulations to provide the best EU REACH compliance technology services we could.

In the past ten years, REACH24H’s services have extended from Europe to the rest of the globe, covering chemicals, pesticides, disinfectants, cosmetics, consumer goods, food, food contact materials and others. Our customer base has also grown, from dozens to nearly 10,000, with the number of professionals trained by REACH24H already exceeding 100,000. Chosen by global companies whose total market value is more than one trillion US dollars, REACH24H has developed into a leader in Global Regulatory Compliance.

2018 was a special year. With ten years development on its back, the EU’s REACH regulation has quietly passed the last registration buffer period and entered the post-registration era of data-for-market. This year was not a smooth year for REACH24H so we had differences to overcome, but we succeeded and managed to achieve remarkable results, with a turnover of over RMB 250 million and an operating profit of over RMB 30 million. It is for this reason that I would like to thank our community and each of our employees for their support and contribution.

Self-renewal is at the core of REACH24H. For this upcoming New Year, REACH24H will continue to deepen its technical research, talent and brand development as well as quality management, strengthening the core competitiveness of our industrial chemical regulatory services, and expanding the service advantages of compliance products in various fields. With this new “growth” attitude, we will continue to work hard to create and provide more value for our clients, employees and shareholders.

Thus, I would like to sincerely thank you for continuously supporting us at REACH24H. For this Lunar Year, I wish you a truly happy new beginning! Let us start this 2019 and this brand Year of the Pig with passion, let us seize opportunities, meet challenges, and seek common development!

Jim Wei General Manager


Understanding where we are, to make better plans for what’s to come:

As a regulatory consulting firm, here at REACH24H we always strive to not just share information, but to create value for our clients around the globe. Our news, analysis, reporting all aim to share value, and in this 2018 there was certainly lots to learn from. That is why we have once more compiled the most relevant news in the industry and had our experts give us some true insights into why these changes matter and what the trend will be like in this upcoming 2019.

To access REACH24H’s 2018 Annual Report, follow this link.

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