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Agrochemicals Division partners with UK’s HSE and CEHTRA for a Pesticides and Fertilizers Workshop in Barcelona Featured

Barcelona, Spain – Over the last few years the levels of interaction between Spain and China have expanded significantly, slowly making the “Made in Spain” a recognizable brand. The field of agrochemicals has been no exception to the rule. In order to allow professionals from both countries interact and discuss the most relevant requirements, opportunities and compliance challenges for plant protection products and fertilizers, the Agrochemicals Division of REACH24H organized a Workshop in the innovation hub of Spain, Barcelona this past September 7, 2018.

Since this event was to welcome not only professionals and experts from Spain and the EU, but also a large Pesticides Association from the province of Shangdong, China, REACH24H teamed up with representatives from UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and CEHTRA SL in Spain. This allowed the workshop to provide not only a detail look into how regulations have evolved in China until the present, but also to offer an overview of the systems currently in place in the EU and challenges faced when entering this market.

The REACH24H Agrochemicals team was led by the Head of Division, Mr. Jay Cang, two Senior Regulatory Specialists in the field, Ms. Summer Cai and Ms. Ivy Zhang, and the Communications and Partnerships Specialist, Ms. Julia Pochat. Ms.Summer offered an updated look into the Regulation on Pesticide and Fertilizer Management in China and EU, while Ms. Zhang in turn focused on Fertilizers and their Revised Regulation in China.

Covering EU regulations on pesticides was Ms. Mr. James Pickering who, as regulatory specialist on the regulation of plant protection products in the UK and the EU at HSE was well prepared to give a detailed account on pesticides. He was followed by Ms. Maria Aguirrebengoa Garzón, who as Project Manager at CEHTRA SL was ready to share her full knowledge on Fertilizers in the EU.

REACH24H Team and Guest Speakers

Presentation by Ms. Zhang on the management ofertilizers in China

The level of interest shown on the registration of both these products and the highly positive response shown by all participants throughout the Q&A and Open Debate Sessions is sure to promote exchanges and joint seminars in the near future. For the latest events and upcoming seminars, you may check the Events Tab or follow the Official REACH24H Linkedin page.

Ms.Cai on the registration of pesticides in China Mr. James Pickering discussing pesticides in EU

REACH24H thanks all collaboration from associations and online portals that helped with the promotion of the workshop, especially the Spanish Agricultural Nutrients Manufacturers Association (AEFA), and the National Association of Fertilizers Manufacturers (ANFEE), as well as all attendees who made their way to Barcelona for this event.

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