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REACH24H Chemical Regulatory Seminar 2015 Kicked Off in Taiwan

On November 26, 2015, REACH24H Chemical Regulatory Seminar 2015 was successfully held in Taipei, Taiwan, organized by REACH24H Consulting Group with the gracious support of Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei, Taipei Chemical Supplier’s Association and Medgaea Life Sciences Ltd. The seminar attracted over 120 attendees from many prestigious companies and associations in Taiwan, hailed by many as quite informative and instructive.

With the increasing concern raised by the public over environmental risks control, major countries and regions in the world have stepped up regulation over hazardous chemicals. However, the requirements and scope of chemical regulations in such countries and regions as EU, China, South Korea and Japan are not necessarily alike, posing great challenges to manufacturers, importers and exporters in Taiwan. As the last deadline of May 31, 2018 for REACH registration comes close, what are the opportunities and challenges for REACH compliance? In mainland China, the Guidance for New Chemical Substance Notification (Draft) was released on June 25 this year, what revisions have been made calling for due attention? The diversified practices of GHS troubles many companies in their import and export activities of chemicals, what are the similarities and differences in that between mainland China and Taiwan? How shall companies do to seek for full compliance under K-REACH, Japan CSCL and Taiwan TCSCA/OSHA?

Presentation Communication during Tea Break

At the seminar, all the above mentioned confusions troubling Taiwan companies have been well addressed by REACH24H regulatory specialists. Many attendees spoke highly of the seminar, saying that all the presentations are well prepared and facilitated a comprehensive understanding of regulations in major regions among the attendees. They also applauded the face to face communication with REACH24H regulatory specialists at tea breaks, with their specific confusions well touched upon. REACH24H Consulting Group is highly grateful of the gracious support of all companies and is well motivated to provide better compliance services to all companies including those in Taiwan.

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