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First CRAC-US Seminar in Washington D.C

30-31 May. 2019,Le Méridien Arlington Hotel

CRAC 2016 will focus on both the similarities and differences of chemical regulations in various countries and regions, bringing in-depth analysis of each and every topic, well positioned to bridge gaps between government officials and business experts and facilitate profound exchanges...

Transport of Dangerous Goods in China

10 May. 2019,Hamburg, Germany

Do you import or export hazardous chemicals or articles to and from China? For those professionals involved in this industry, understanding and managing the current legal situation in the field of the chemical and dangerous goods laws is a must Experts from REACH24H Consulting Group from Hangzhou, China will be joining German UMCO GmbH ...

2nd REACH24H Training Course on QSAR Model

QSAR, (Quantitative) Structure-Activity Relationship, has become a widely used principle in the fields of chemicals, daily chemicals, pesticides, disinfectants, etc. This model has been growing steadily in its global use due to its reduced costs as compared to traditional testing methods, its use as an alternative to animal testing, as well as its ability to accelerate the assessment process. QSAR has been increasingly utilized for the filing of data gaps along with the development of computer technology...

2018 Annual Report of REACH24H is Available!

As a regulatory consulting firm, here at REACH24H we always strive to not just share information, but to create value for our clients around the globe. Our news, analysis, reporting all aim to share value, and in this 2018 there was certainly lots to learn from. That is why we have once more compiled the most relevant news in the industry and had our experts give us some true insights into why these changes matter and what the trend will be like in this upcoming 2019...



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