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REACH24H Establishes 3 Major Divisions

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Hangzhou, China, Aug 30th, 2014

Since its establishment in 2009, REACH24H has become the fastest growing 3rd party REACH compliance service provider in China. After six years’ REACH24H has accumulated rich experience in providing cost effective chemical compliance solutions to our 3000+ global clients. Over the course of our business journey it became apparent that industries such as the agrochem, food and cosmetics required similar high quality third party regulatory compliance services. In July, 2014, REACH24H officially announced the establishment of three major new service divisions, namely the Industrial Chemical&Material Division (consisting of the industrial chemical division and agrochem and materials division) , Food Division and Cosmetics Division.

New Managers:

New Managers:

  • Cosmetics – Tommy Kong
  • Food – Bob White
  • Chemical Division – Nathan Chen
  • Agrochemical – Hornby Lee
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