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China pesticide Registration types

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China pesticide Registration types

There are several different registration types specified under Chinese Pesticide Regulation.

1) New pesticide

Technical material or preparations containing active substance which has not been registered in domestic.

2) New pesticide within protection period

Technical material or preparations containing active substance which has already been registered in domestic, but still within the 6 year protection period for the first registrant.

Applicant shall apply for registration both of the Technical material and the Preparation for a new pesticide or a new pesticide within protection period.

Data are protected for 6 years for the First Registration of a new pesticide. To register a new pesticide within the protection period, the applicant could obtain letter of access to the data of the registered new pesticide by agreement of the previous registrant. Otherwise, the applicant shall provide data according to the data requirements for new product under Pesticide Regulation.

3) New preparation

The active substance contained in the preparation has the same specification with a registered active substance, but the formulation type and content of active substance are different from the registered products.

If the active substance contained in the pesticide has already been registered exceeding the 6 years protection period, the pesticide can be considered as a New Preparation or The Same product.

In an instance of a New Preparation, there is no need to register the active substance. Application for Field Trail, Temporary Registration and Full Registration of the preparation should be submitted according to the data requirement under Pesticide Regulation.

4) The same product

The pesticide product contains the same active substance as the registered product and has the same content of active substance and the same formulation type as the registered product.

If the pesticide is treated as The Same Product as a registered pesticide, a Certification of confirmation the same active substance or preparation is needed, and data on Residual, Toxicity and Environment information can be used via letter of access.


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