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China established its current cosmetic regulatory system in 1990, through the implementation of the Regulation for Hygienic Supervision over Cosmetic Products. Various accompanying administrative rules, safety standards and guidelines were issued by the former competent authority, the China Ministry of Health (MoH), as well as the current competent authority, the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) through a 20 year period.
At REACH24H, we could update you on cosmetics news, help to compliant with cosmetic regulations, and bring related regulatory knowledge and trainings.

Cosmetic Regulatory News

REACH24H builds cosmetic channel on Chemlinked. The ChemLinked, all powered by REACH24H, brings you unparalleled access and up-to-the-minute coverage on cosmetic regulatory news in China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. At this Chemlinked · Cosmetic, you may be interested in:
* Cosmetic Regulatory News Updates
* Cosmeticpedia (a knowledge base on cosmetic regulations)
* Regulatory/ Inventory Database
* Expert Articles & E-Publications

Knowledge & Training

To bring you the implementary provisions of world’s cosmetic regulations and their updates, we work around the world to hold seminars as well as webinars.

Upcoming Events
Europe Seminar 2014: understand China’s fast developing regulatory environment

Past Events
Tommy Kong Spoke at the Cosmetic Forum hold by American Conference Institute

China Cosmetics: compliance challenges facing imported cosmetics and new ingredients


Compliance & Registration

We assist our client to meet the cosmetic regulations in China. Specific service items are listed below. Any problem, please directly contact us.

For cosmetics products, we can help to
*Support on languages
*Act as responsible agent
*Product label/ingredient  review
*Prepare application dossier
*Get Pre-market Registration / Notification
*Get Chinese Trademark registration
For  new ingredients, we can help to
*Support on languages
*Act as responsible agent
*Ingredient status review
*Complete safety assessment report
*Prepare application dossier
*Get new ingredient registration
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