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Industrial Chemical Division

ICD Brief Introduction

REACH24H’s Industrial Chemical Division (ICD), one of the strategic divisions of REACH24H, is committed to providing professional and customized consultancy and compliance services to industrial chemical companies seeking for access to global market.

The Industrial Chemical Division consists of REACH Regulatory Affairs Department, GHS and EHS Compliance Affairs Department, AP Chemical Registration Department, and Technical Department. With such targeted functional divisions, diverse professional backgrounds and comprehensive language skills of its staff, Industrial Chemical Division is well-positioned to provide efficient, professional, diverse and high quality regulatory compliance services to global chemical enterprises.


Compliance & Registration

Asia-Pacific Chemical Notification, Registration

REACH24H has a team of technical professionals familiar with the chemical regulations in each of the main countries of the Asia-Pacific region. They can provide registration services for chemical products before they hit the market. Not only this, they can also provide synthesized solutions for compliance problems across regions, and help companies access their desired markets in speedily. REACH24H likewise offers testing supervision, risk assessment, professional regulatory consulting, and tailored training services.

Services Areas:

  • Basic Chemicals
  • Chemical Intermediates
  • Polymers and Monomers
  • Functional Chemicals
  • Inorganic Chemicals





Service Items:


GHS and EHS Compliance Affairs Department

REACH24H has a team of early pioneers in studying UN TDG and GHS, with experience in hazard identification, SDS/ label compilation, risk assessment, etc. Working closely with various foreign and domestic associations and government agencies, the team is committed to helping remove regulatory barriers, expedite market access, reduce costs in compliance and prevent chemical accidents.


  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Metallurgical Light Industry
  • Other Industries linked to Chemical Industry



Service Items:

  • China hazardous chemical Emergency Response
  • China hazardous chemical Registration/ EU CLP notification and Registrations
  • China, EU, the U.S. and other countries of the Asia-Pacific region Chemical hazard identification and GHS classification
  • China, EU, the U.S. and other countries of the Asia-Pacific region SDS/Label compilation/ update/audit
  • Training on Global GHS, Management of Hazardous Chemicals/Dangerous Goods
  • Hazardous Chemicals Storage Safety/ Dangerous Goods Transportation
  • Customized Service on Consulting and Reports of Hazardous Chemicals/Dangerous Goods


European and American Regulations

REACH24H is the first company in China having the capacity to conduct EU REACH project and LR project. It has a technical team that submitted first REACH registration dossier in China. We aim to help foreign and domestic companies expedite access to EU and American markets, conduct chemical risk assessment, and provide regulatory training services.

EU REACH Regulation Service:

  • Lead Registrant Service
  • Joint Submission Service
  • “Inquiry” Service
  • Develop Exposure Scenario (ES) Service
  • Chemical Safety Report (CSR) Compilation Service
  • Extended Safety Data Sheet (eSDS) Compilation Service
  • QSAR/read-across Service
  • Testing Supervision Service
  • SIEF Management Service
  • REACH Technical Training Service

TSCA Compliance Service:

  • TSCA Public Inventory and Confidential Inventory Query
  • TSCA Compliance or Exemption Statement
  • TSCA Compliance Strategy Analysis
  • Pre-Manufacture Exemption Notification (High Polymer, Low Tonnage, R&D Exemption, etc.)
  • Pre-Manufacturing Notification (PMN)
  • Significant New Use Notification (SNUN)
  • Chemical Data Report
  • TSCA Compliance Analysis Report



Industrial Chemical News Alert

REACH24H has developed its own regulatory news platform ChemLinked to bring you unparalleled access and up-to-the-minute coverage on industrial chemical regulatory news. In our Chemical Page you will find:

• News

Regular posts interpreting and analyzing the latest regulatory updates in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond

ChemPedia Articles

Wikipedia-style webpages providing all the essential regulatory info needed to ensure regulatory compliance


High-quality English translations of key regulations/standards

Regulatory Database

On-line library enriched with must-know regulations/standards

Expert Article

In-depth interpretation, authoritative compliance guidance and extensive hands-on compliance experience


Regular webinars to deliver compliance solutions and interaction with experts

List Collection

Searchable database for related lists, inventories and catalogues

Country Page

One-stop customized pages offering the on the countries currently driving regulatory change in Asia Pacific

Follow us on Chemlinked Chemical for latest news updates.

Events & Training

As an important means of information exchange, conferences, trainings and open courses are an integral part of REACH24H services. Since 2009, REACH24H has organized hundreds of courses, covering dozens of countries, and it has provided popular courses on EU REACH laws and regulations, CSCL, new chemical substance notification, etc.

Popular Courses

  • EU REACH & regulations training
  • Training of environmental management laws & regulations of China new chemical substances
  • Chinese hazardous chemical regulations training
  • Korean chemical management regulations training
  • Taiwan chemical management regulations training
  • CSCL training
  • Chemical safety management training
  • Global GHS Regulation training

Upcoming Events

Cloudesk & Database

REACH24H aims to offer its clients the most efficient compliance solutions in the age of information. REACH cloud use modular software grants upstream and downstream enterprises access to compliance registration data of different countries, in-house enciphered registration data and SDS data and connection in-house SAP. REACH24H upgrades supply communications and safety compliance for organizations through its one-stop cloud solution.

REACH24H Cloud is a platform that integrates data and information storage, transfer and exchange to manage product laws & regulations. The platform enables users to do compliance work in a simple, quick and safe manner, carrying out projects and supply chain compliance management tasks, access latest laws news, news alerts and the chance to sign up for the latest law training and online courses. REACH Cloud provides safe and accountable data backup services to better assist clients in handling data leakage and loss. It is the most powerful tool for enterprises to meet new challenges in product compliance management.

NEWRSCC is an online integrated database solution for the EU chemical business, contributing to a safer, quicker and more convenient transmission of REACH Compliance Certificates on the supply chain and facilitating smooth and efficient communication among different trade partners.

SDS CLOUD serves as a great way of managing SDS documents and allows world-wide storage and retrieval of any amount of data and at any time.

NewChem@Cloud gives you the simplest and most convenient option to manage China chemical registration documents.

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