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Biocidal Products Directive (BPD)

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This European directive provides a framework of rules that apply to the marketing of biocidal substances and products. The goal of the directive is to coordinate these regulations among the different Member States. The directive stipulates a high level of protection for humans, animals and the environment.


A biocidal product is any substance which is used to control or kill harmful organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, moulds and yeasts. Sterilisers and disinfectants are good examples of a biocidal product.


Directive 98/8/EC (the Biocides Directive) requires the authorisation of a wide range of biocide products currently not requiring authorisation (including disinfectants, preservatives and a number of other specialist products) as well as non-agricultural pesticides. (i.e., wood preservatives, public hygiene insecticides, rodenticides, surface biocides and antifouling paints). Only biocidal products which contain an active substance which is listed on Annex I of the Directive will be authorised for use.


Existing and new active substances have to be evaluated to ascertain whether or not they can be included on the Annex I list.


Our Services


  • Regulatory Consultancy
  • Dossiers preparation for the registration of biocidal substances as prescribed in the Directive both new & old
  • Evaluation of existing data and the compilation of a dossier and evaluation of data sets
  • Design test protocols cost effectively and testing as per Directive guidelines
  • Project management for test programmes and liaison between authorities and clients
  • Toxicological evaluation support

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