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Seminar Overview

The year of 2015 is by no means an uneventful year for China’s chemical and environmental management. Work safety accidents occurred frequently, with the catastrophic Tianjin Blasts of 12 August attracting the most attention, igniting a huge public outcry for risk management of hazardous chemicals. More and more companies began to realize that there is no such thing as sustainable development without an environmental friendly chemical management. In the meantime, the Chinese authorities have stepped up efforts for intensified regulation, putting into effect the Inventory of Hazardous Chemicals (2015) on 1 May and its corresponding Implementation Guidance on 19 August as well as releasing the revised China New Chemical Substance Notification Guidance and the Measures for the Environmental Management Registration of Hazardous Chemicals on 25 June and 19 October respectively for public consultation.

Chemical substance registration in Taiwan is regulated by two regulations, namely the Regulation of Registration of New and Existing Chemical Substances under TCSCA (effective on 11 Dec 2014) and the Regulation of New Chemical Substances Registration under OSHA (effective on 1 Jan 2015). To facilitate a good enforcement of these regulations, competent authorities in Taiwan took several moves to support the implementation of these regulations by releasing the updated Taiwan Existing Chemical Substance Inventory (TCSI) and the online submission system as well as launching the Phase I Registration. The fact that chemical substances manufactured or imported in Taiwan are regulated by two different legislations brings daunting challenges to companies seeking for regulatory compliance there.

To address these concerns, UMCO and REACH24H will host ‘China REACH and GHS Compliance Seminar 2016’ on 26 April, 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. As China’s foremost regulatory compliance service provider, this seminar promises a chance to pick the brains of China’s preeminent regulatory experts, and take home the most up-to-date regulatory compliance information.


This one-day seminar promises an overview of chemical regulations in China and Taiwan, and will feature a multitude of practically useful China and Taiwan compliance advice. Participants will be provided with a detailed explanation of major chemical regulations, including China New Chemical Substance Notification, China GHS, China Hazardous chemical registration, Taiwan New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration etc.

Major Contents

1. Chemical Regulations Overview for China and Taiwan Market

Part I Regulations Overview

  • Basic concepts/definitions and background
  • Registration Scope

Part II Key Points of Regulations

  • Legal framework
  • Registration types
  • Registration procedure
  • Post obligations

2. China GHS Implementation and Comparison with EU CLP

Part I Background to China GHS

  • Decree 591
  • Competent authorities for China GHS

Part II Regulation System

  • Legal framework of China
  • Regulatory system of hazardous chemicals management
  • China GHS related national standards
  • C&L Inventory

Part III Compliance Requirements & Comparison with EU CLP

  • Hazard determination (classification)
  • SDS compilation
  • Label compilation
  • Other obligations

3. Hazardous Chemical Registration in China (Including the Newly Released Inventory Guidance)

Part I Background to China Hazardous Chemical Registration

  • Legal bases
  • Implementation status

Part II Measures on HazChem Registration

  • Key points of “SAWS Order 53”
  • Physical Hazard identification – “SAWS Order 60”

Part III Newly Released Inventory Guidance and Compliance Suggestions

  • Key points of Inventory Guidance
  • Industry obligations under new inventory

4. Taiwan New and Existing Chemical Registration

Part I Concise Overview of Critical Checkpoints

  • Checkpoints of basic/important concepts
  • Checkpoints of new and existing chemical substance registration
  • Latest updates and intelligence

Part II Case Study and Experience Sharing

  • Common problems summarized by TPR and competent authority
  • Practical cases study
  • CBI application and information disclosure
  • Pertinent suggestions and take home messages

5. China New Chemical Substance Notification (China NCSN) - Newly Revised Guidance

Part I Overall Introduction of Notification Guidance Revision

  • Background
  • Principle and process of revision

Part II Main Changes in the Guidance Revision

Part III Summary and Comparison of China NCSN and Taiwan TCSCA/OSHA

Target Audience

Director/Manager in EHS department

Director/Manager involved in the supply chain

Lawyers concerned about the Asian chemical regulatory compliance

Decision makers who seek marketing opportunities in Chinese chemical market

Experts who pay close attention to chemical regulations in China and Asian countries

Registration Details

Date: 26 April 2016 (Tuesday)

Registration Fee: 595+VAT

*The registration fee includes all program materials, welcome coffee, lunch, and twice per day refreshments.

Free Handbook of 2015 Chemical Regulatory Review of the Asia Pacific Region Worth: €140

How to register?

Register online

Seminar Venue

Raphael Hotel Wälderhaus

Am Inselpark 19, Wilhelmsburg, 21109 Hamburg, Germany

Special Room Rate

This seminar is offering attendees a special room rate of EUR 80.00 per single room. Please refer to the code “UMCO” when making a reservation.


25/04/2016 19:00-21:00 Get together for all seminar attendees in Wälderhaus, Hamburg



Reception & Welcome Coffee


Welcome Speech and Introduction to the Topics

Kerstin Heitmann, Ariane Stoll, UMCO


Chemical Regulations Overview for China and Taiwan Market

Lynn Huang, REACH24H Consulting Group


Coffee Break


China GHS Implementation and Comparison with EU CLP

Bella Zheng, REACH24H Consulting Group


Q&A Session


Lunch Break


Hazardous Chemical Registration in China (Including the Newly Released Inventory Guidance)

Bella Zheng, REACH24H Consulting Group


Taiwan New and Existing Chemical Registration

Shawn Xiang, REACH24H Consulting Group


Coffee Break


China New Chemical Substance Notification (China NCSN)-Newly Revised Guidance

Shawn Xiang, REACH24H Consulting Group


Q&A Session


Summary & Wrap-Up


Lynn Huang, Key Account Dept. Manager

REACH24H Consulting Group

Ms. Huang is a recognized professional consultant for Global Chemical regulations, specializing not only in China Reach, China GHS, but also regulations from US, EU and other countries or regions.

Lynn Huang is responsible for business collaboration with Australian, Swiss, Russia, Indonesia, and Japan partners as well as serves REACH24H VIP clients. She has gathered extensive experience in Chinese and Europe chemical regulation compliance practices and is professional in helping international companies in solving global chemical regulatory affairs they faced. She is also an experienced speaker who gives presentation in REACH24H’s annual seminars around the globe.

Shawn Xiang, Senior Regulatory Specialist

REACH24H Consulting Group

²  Core member of REACH24H’s AP Chemical Registration Team and a recognized expert in China NCSN, Taiwan TCSCA/OSHA.

²  Familiar with the legal system and compliance work of China NCSN and Taiwan TCSCA/OSHA.

²  Managed many new chemical registration cases covering all notification types in both China NCSN and Taiwan and thus gained extensive hands-on experience in data gap analysis, project management, exposure scenario development.

Bella Zheng, Chemical Regulatory Specialist

REACH24H Consulting Group

Ms. Bella Zheng is a Chemistry Master from Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany. She is an important member of GCCCD (Society of Chinese chemists and chemical engineers in the Federal Republic of Germany), delivered a speech on “optical absorption spectroscopy of the crystal oxides” at the 2011 GCCCD Annual Conference. She has 3 years of experience in China chemistry industry and wide-ranging expertise in China-GHS Regulatory compliance.


Kerstin Heitmann, Head of REACH Team


Ms. Kerstin Heitmann is a graduate chemist (German Diplom) and can draw on many years of experience in REACH consulting. Due to her extensive knowledge of the European REACH regulation and lending to her years of experiences consulting high-profile clients in registration, she is known as a reputable and highly competent expert in working groups and often a speaker at conferences.

Ariane Stoll, Chemical Management


Ms. Ariane Stoll is a certified food chemist and is a consultant for chemical management at UMCO. Among her responsibilities are the creation of legally conform safety data sheets according to CLP- and REACH-Regulation.

Contact Us

Contact Person: Julia Hunke


Phone: +49 (0)40 / 79 02 36 300


REACH24H Consulting Group provides global chemical compliance solutions to assist chemical manufacturers, importers and downstream users to effectively manage their responsibilities. Our objective is to facilitate the most efficient and cost-effective access to the marketplace for our clients’ products through utilizing our strong commercial experience and technical expertise in chemical and other industries like food, agrochem, cosmetics, etc. For more detailed information, please see

UMCO has been offering compliance solutions for the distribution and handling of chemicals all over the world for the last 30 years. Their customers benefit from a complete advising service for substances, plants, organization and transport of the highest quality. 45 employees in Hamburg, Cologne and Rottweil in Germany look after 1,000 enterprises in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, logistics and processing industries. UMCOs service portfolio includes product and chemicals management, reach and biocides as well as safety health environment, dangerous goods advice, a 24-hour-emergency-number and trainings/seminars. The team of inter-disciplinarily-active engineers, scientists and lawyers are ready to support their customers in order to perfectly implement the projects together. How? With excellently trained employees and comprehensive substance knowledge which UMCO use in all the appropriate fields according to the motto: gathered once for multiple benefits.

Published in Webinar & Seminar

London, Frankfurt, Barcelona, May 22~29, 2014

REACH24H’s hosted Europe seminars in London, Frankfurt and Barcelona, on May 22, 27 and 29. The three events are mainly aiming at disseminating the progress of regulatory development in China. GHS expert Eric Sun and China New Chemical Substance expert Mona Zhang from REACH24H came to deliver in-depth readings into a series of regulatory concerns raised by companies in recent years.

REACH24H Europe Seminar 2014 in Frankfurt(above ) and Barcelona (below)

Focusing on regulatory updates that occurred over the past one year, our seminars were to introduce those big revisions which could very likely generate new problems for companies. With the literal outputs in place, the relevant authorities also highlight their importance in enforcement activities. The most obvious impact has been that a number of products suspected of incompliant were detained during custom clearance, which caused inestimable financial losses for the companies affected. Another focus of the seminar is our experts’ detailed interpretations to various issues emerging during the compliance process, such as SDS, label and risk assessment. The comparison between EU and China regulation was also talked in particular in order to help all members working for EU-based companies to establish concrete notions over definitions, requirements and standards in a global perspective.

REACH24H expert, Eric, was making a presentation at the seminar

This has been REACH24H’s fourth year to organize seminars in Europe. Despite the tightened chemical regulations in China, REACH24H has assisted over 2000 companies to deal with regulatory obligations during this critical period. As the government continues to upgrade regulatory supervisions and inspection mechanism, our experts would strongly suggest all companies involved in the chemical trade in China to take preventive actions, such as keeping updated of new regulatory publication, or studying the compliance strategy to face the challenges, etc.

Published in Corporate News


On US EASTERN Time Jan 9th 2013 (Jan 10th 2013 China Time), US COMMERCIAL SERVICE will hold a webinar featuring concerned hot-spots in chemical industry. The webinar, entitled as “Registering & Selling Chemicals in China”, is designed to keep you abreast of the registration, importation and transportation of chemicals according to China’s current requirements. Presenters in this webinar include chemical registration expert, advisor, and online marketplace operator of chemicals trading in China, and a US chemicals manufacturer and exporter. Their focus will be on China’s measures for the registration of new chemicals, and recently-introduced requirements governing aspects of hazardous and non-hazardous chemical manufacture, handling, transport, disposal, and safety. The webinar aims at providing discussion of market trends, exposing challenges U.S. exporters potentially face and advice on how to best succeed in the marketplace. What you may benefit from the webinar are as follow:

——Understand China’s new chemical product registration measures and other regulations pertinent to import, transport and safety

——Obtain details on how to register chemical products in China, touching on cost, timeline, and challenges, and learn about the supervising Chinese government authorities

——Learn about the latest China market trends, common challenges to import, and how U.S. firms can best address those challenges

——Ask questions directly of the presenters. Benefit from their on-the-ground perspective and track-record in working with multinational chemical firms in China.

Webinar details

Date: January 9, 2013

Time: 6: 00-7:30 PM US EASTERN (GMT-5), China Time 7:00-8:30 Jan 10 2013(GMT+8)

Chemical Regulatory Barrier in China

As world’s second largest consumer of industrial chemicals, China has also tightening its chemical regulatory supervision and restriction in recent years. Following such regulatory trend, this webinar will invite experts in regulatory affairs to provide guidance in dealing with this trade barrier. Mr. Atlans Dale, the professional regulatory expert from REACH24H Consulting group will bring his in-depth reading of major chemical regulations in China. His main touches are as follow:

(1) China New Chemical Substance Notification: also known as ‘China Reach’ pressuring all chemical manufacturers, importers and downstream users in their manufacture, import or downstream use of new chemicals. Mr. Dale will mainly focus on the key areas during the ‘China Reach’ notification, including authoring of notification dossiers, experiment supervision, overall notification cycle and costs. Earlier, Mr. Dale has also pointed out according to his experience that these issues will largely defer new chemical entering to Chinese market if companies fail to follow proper instructions with careful arrangements

(2) China GHS: including the SDS and label authoring. Chemical companies whether manufacture or export chemicals in China will have to comply with requirements under China GHS. That covers a package of obligations from classification, labeling and packaging of chemicals to be in accordance with Chinese GHS standards, to proper arrangement of SDS authoring and communication along the entire supply chain.


The recognized regulatory expert

This webinar also marks as a milestone for China-based regulatory expert—REACH24H Consulting Group, as its months-long connection with US COMMERCIAL SERVICE will result into their first formal cooperation. The latter convinced the host its competency and professionalism in chemical regulatory affairs based on:

(1) Solid technical background: REACH24H is now armed with a professional team having its members with solid technical background in chemical regulations, toxicology, eco-toxicology.

(2) Rich experience in experiment supervision: As one critical stage during “China Reach” compliance, the experiments carried out by accredited laboratories requires notifiers to be alert at every move during the testing period.

(3) Accurate control on overall notification cycle: the control on overall cycle of “China Reach” notification decides certain notifying chemical when to enter Chinese market. It will either fuel or lessen market competitiveness, and needs more than enough knowing of the regulation itself.

(4) Cost control scheme: Wide-ranging cooperation and profound knowledge of regulatory affairs serves as two essentials that we can always offer the most competitive scheme in entire cost upon regulatory compliance.


The Speaker



Atlans Dale, Regulatory Compliance Specialist from China Reach unit of REACH24H.


B.E., Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, China University of Petroleum, 2008

M.S., Marine Chemistry, The 2nd Institute of Oceanography, SOA, 2012

Mr. Dale has been specialized in China Reach and so far is the key member in REACH24H’s technical team. His daily wok combines connecting with accredited laboratory and China Reach enforcement body CRC-MEP (chemical registration center of ministry of environment protection), renders his abundant practical ability in dealing with China Reach.

Other speakers from:

U.S. Commercial Service, Shanghai

eChinaChem, Inc.

Celanese Corporation

If you are interested in this webinar, you may contact our specialist Jason Chan (+86 0571 8700 7583) or by directly registering online through:

Published in company news

REACH24H is an internationally renowned technological services company with the headquarter in Hangzhou, China and branches in Ireland, the United States, and Taiwan. The company has a number of internationally certified toxicologists, specialized safety appraisers, and risk assessment experts. By creating a 24-hour global consulting service network and a technical experts team, REACH24H provides one-stop international market entrance services. Our services cover a broad range of industries such as industrial chemicals, agrochemicals, cosmetics, food and food contact materials, and consumer products. Service content includes product notification and registration, regulatory information, news and compliance warning, training seminars and open courses, as well as Internet-based supply chain management software.

“Value in Compliance” is REACH24H’s mission statement. Founded in 2009, REACH24H has provided technical supports for governments, associations and social organizations, served over 6,000 well-known companies and completed tens of thousands of projects from product notification, registration to consulting. To remove trade barriers and promote global trade integration, REACH24H has offered outstanding technical services. REACH24H is continually abided by a healthy, green, and sustainable development philosophy by adhering strictly to compliance service. Through assisting companies in carrying out risk assessments in advance, we can provide the most effective solutions and the most reliable support to our clients and vanguard people’s safety and well-being.

【Product Registration, Notification and Consulting】

REACH24H is devoted to provide companies with product notification, registration, and consulting services. Starting with the compliance of EU REACH, REACH24H has received orders from American, Japanese, South Korean, and Southeast Asian industries for chemical consultation services. Our service areas continued to expand into pesticides, food products, cosmetics, consumer products, and into many other areas of the industries. REACH24H has grown as one of the leading companies of international compliance services.

As global trade integration deepens, more and more enterprises are beginning to pay attention to transnational trade. However, due to growth imbalance from country to country, trade barriers arise among countries. The information & alert service of REACH24H keeps enterprises informed about relating information and regulation news of trading nations and gives an alert on possible risks, which builds a transnational information bridge.

【Information and News Alerts 】

REACH24H created the first multi-lingo platform which focuses on Asia-Pacific chemicals and consumer products related regulations – Chemlinked. The news alert platforms co-built by REACH24H and the government can help identify possible trade risks and hazards, such as “Public Service Platform for Shanghai’s Municipal Technical Trade Measures”, “Zhejiang Platform for Technical Barriers to Trade Service”, “Platform for Chemical Export and Supply Chain Trade Barriers Regulation Knowledge and Compliance Strategy Service”, etc.

【Software and Informatization 】

REACH24H aims to offer clients efficient compliance solutions with internet technology in the age of information. In particular, REACH cloud use modular software, making upstream and downstream enterprises accessible to compliance registration data of different countries, in-house enciphered registration data and SDS data and connect inhouse SAP. REACH24H upgrades supply communication and safety compliance for organizations in a one-stop manner.

Conferences, Workshops and Webinars

As an important means of information exchange, conferences, trainings and open courses are an integral part of REACH24H services. Since 2009, REACH24H has organized hundreds of courses, covering dozens of countries, and it has provided popular courses on EU REACH laws and regulations, CSCL, new chemical substance notification, etc. REACH24H has jointly and individually hosted leading regulatory conferences, such as Chemical Regulatory Annual Conference (CRAC), to create opportunities for experts in chemical industry to network, disseminate the latest updates in regulatory affairs and provide practical regulatory compliance strategies. Our strong local presence in China and professionals who specialize in the regulations will help companies to enter the Chinese market successfully, because here in REACH24H, we believe in stable, sustainable development and your success.

Published in Overview

The Audio presentation of the Webinar is available for you to download, please click here.


ChemADVISOR, founded in 1986, is the leading global provider of chemical regulatory information in support of international business efforts, including product registration, hazard communication and sustainability. Throughout its history they have been striving to become an indispensable source of Environmental, Health Safety (EH&S) and Transportation information for customers and business partner. The LOLI Database serves as the recognized source of this information to support worldwide compliance efforts for thousands of their customers.

This time’s free webinar aims at providing you overall introduction of ChemADVISOR’s branded product LOLI database.

LOLI database

LOLI is an extensive chemical regulatory database, designed to quickly and easily find information on specific chemicals, and regulations pertaining to chemicals. LOLI contains hundreds of thousands of chemicals from over 4280 lists as of the July 2012 update, as well as synonyms and molecular and structural formulas with links to generic chemical groups. The regulatory data is supplemented with non-regulatory information on related topics, such as toxicity, eco-toxicity, and physical properties.

The LOLI database list sources include data from:

- National & International Advisory Agencies - Latin America

- Africa - Middle East

- Africa - Middle East

- Asia-Pacific - Canada Federal & Provincial Governments

- European Union Directives

- United States Federal & State Governments

- European Union Member Countries

- Government Inventory Lists

- European Non-EU Countries

- REACH and GHS Based Sources

LOLI is designed to assist you in complying with occupational, environmental, health, and, safety regulations and in writing Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and labels for your products and intermediaries.

Our speaker

ChemADVISOR free webinar presenter

Ms. Lynn Huang

Ms. Huang is a recognized professional consultant for Global Chemical regulations, specializing not only in China Reach, China GHS, but also regulations from US, EU and other countries or regions.

Lynn Huang is responsible for business collaboration with Australian, Swiss, Russia, Indonesia and Japan partners as well as serves REACH24H VIP clients. She has gathered extensive experience in Chinese and Europe chemical regulation compliance practices and is professional in helping international companies with their requirements about solving global chemical regulatory affairs. She is also the speaker who gives presentation during REACH24H worldwide seminars and workshops.

Lynn received her bachelor degree from The University of Queensland, Australia. Lynn is currently the B.D. Manager of Global regulatory affairs department of REACH24H Consulting Group.

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For the past 20 years, the world has seen the exponential growth in China’s economy. Following such marvelous achievement is the rising concern within different business sectors, which pushes the country’s legislative system to stress more upon environment, health and safety issues. Chemical industry is one of those that receive keen attention. With significant contribution to GDP, it also leads to massive pollutions and numerous accidents across the whole country. To cope with this situation, a series of new regulations have come into force, including China New Chemical Substance Notification (A.K.A China Reach), China Hazardous Chemical Registration etc., while the adoption of UN GHS has also been demonstrated in various regulatory documentations.
In order to bring EU clients a better understanding of the latest development of China’s chemical legislation, as well as delivering knowledge for compliance solutions, REACH24H together with its counterpart—UMCO in Germany, have set to extend a seminar this February, aiming to provide new insights and information of relevant EHS affairs.
Download Brochure
Date: 26 of February, 2014
Location: Wälderhaus, Am Inselpark 19, 21109 Hamburg
Language: English

Main Topics
>> Chinese Chemical Regulation Structure
>> China GHS introduction
>> SDS and Label in China
>> Hazardous chemical registration in China
>> China New Chemical Substance Notification (A.K.A. China Reach)

Target Audience
>>Compiler of safety data sheets
>>Product Stewardship Manager
>>QS Manager
>>R & D Manager

Price: 490 Euro plus VAT
Contact person: Julia Hunke
Phone: +49 (0)40 / 79 02 36 300




Get together for all seminar attendees in the Waelderhaus



Introduction to the topic


The Chinese Chemical Regulation Structure


Implementation of the GHS in China


Coffee break


Safety Data Sheets and Labeling


Lunch break


Hazardous chemical registration under SAWS Order 53


New Chemical Substance Notification


Coffee break


Discussion about the Chinese GHS & China REACH


End of seminar


Eric Sun (Senior Regulatory Expert)
Mr. Sun is extremely experienced in classification and labeling (C&L) and compiling safety data sheets (SDS) in compliance with the requirements of China GHS. He regularly runs training programs on China GHS and hazardous chemical regulations for the international companies such as Würth Group, Vaillant GmbH, Coloplast A/S, Cardolite Corporation. Currently his focus is on hazardous chemical regulations in China, mainly the Regulations on the Control over Safety of Hazardous Chemicals” (Decree 591).

Mona Zhang (Senior Regulatory Expert)
Ms. Mona Zhang joined REACH24H after graduating from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Zhejiang University. Ms.Zhang attained her Master’s degree in Environmental science for the study of the polymeric membrane and has a paper published on this topic in the Journal of Membrane Science. Mona is a core member of REACH24H’s new chemical substance notification Team and has managed more than 40 cases covering all notification types. She has rich experience in the data gap analysis for the regular notification.

Erin Wu (Senior Regulatory Specialist)
Ms. Wu is a recognized professional consultant for Global Chemical regulations, specializing not only in China Reach, China GHS, but also regulations from US, EU and other countries or regions. As representative of REACH24H, she has gathered extensive experience in Chinese and Europe chemical regulation compliance practices and is professional in helping international companies with their requirements about solving global chemical regulatory affairs and providing detailed solutions. During this presentation, she will be focused on China GHS compliance.


REACH24H is a consulting company specialized in providing chemical regulatory consultancy and technical solution for chemical industries around the world. We have a team of more than 90 people serving more than 4000 clients from every continent. Our global locations in China, Ireland and Canada ensure our timely response to customers’ needs. Founded in 2009, REACH24H is dedicated to developing cost-effective and efficient compliance projects for enterprises facing the major chemical regulatory barriers worldwide, including: EU REACH, EU CLP, Global GHS, China NCSN, China pesticide, China Cosmetics, US TSCA, Japan CSCL, Korea-REACH, etc. REACH24H collaborates with clients to help them better recognize and understand their chemical regulatory obligations before entering into a foreign market. Our extensive cooperation with governments and industry associations keep us at the forefront of the latest chemical regulatory trends.

Founded in 1982 and still owner-managed today, as a medium-sized company UMCO provide consulting services worldwide to almost 1,000 companies in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and logistics fields. Their main focuses include: industrial environmental protection, occupational and plant safety, product and chemicals management as well as the associated strategies and organizational consulting. 40 inter-disciplinarily-active engineers, scientists and lawyers are ready to support their customers in order to perfectly implement the projects together. How? With excellently trained employees and comprehensive substance knowledge which UMCO use in all the appropriate fields according to the motto: gathered once for multiple benefits.

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Seminar Overview

The meeting focuses on the chemical regulatory frameworks that concern companies who export their products in China and Korea. The JCDB’s partners will provide the latest insights.

Partner Introduction

Chemtopia from Korea

Located in Seoul, Chemtopia is a professional consulting company, who has close working relationship with relevant competent authorities in Korea. It provides OR service for companies to deal with Korea REACH and has its foothold in New chemical registration in Korea.

REACH24H from China

REACH24H is a professional consulting company from China. It has been the largest EU REACH service provider in Asian, having served over 4000 companies. Its rich experience in Chinese chemical regulations, particularly China REACH, makes it the best regulatory service provider in mainland China.


September 25th, 2013 Tokyo

September 27th, 2013 Osaka


10:00~16:45 (sign-in starts at 9:30)


1, Tokyo venue


2, Osaka venue



Tokyo Seminar: 120

Osaka Seminar: 50

Note: the seminars are free of charge

Who shall attend

Corporate managers in chemical companies

Registration deadline

17:00, September 20th 2013


9:30              Signing in

10:00~10:10  Opening speeh by Director/Executive manager of GlobalSolution Division

10:10~11:20  The latest update of Korea REACH (Chemtopia)

11:20~12:00  Introduction to Chemtopia’s services (Chemtopia)

12:00~13:15  Lunch break

13:15~14:15  China REACH case study (REACH24H)

14:15~15:15  China GHS and hazardous chemical registration (REACH24H)

15:15~15:30  Break

15:30~16:15  Introduction to REACH24H’s services (REACH24H)

16:15~16:45  Q&A Session

16:45            Closing speeh by Director/Executive manager of GlobalSolution Division

Published in Webinar & Seminar

In early April of 2013, REACH24H Consulting Group China is working with Protiviti LLC and TOKAI TECHNO Co., Ltd to organizing the regulatory seminars in both Tokyo and Osaka. These seminars will mainly focus on the China chemical regulations, including China REACH, China RoHS and China GHS.

This Seminars has been successfully concluded!

Seminar Contents are available for you to download:

1. Introduction to China New Chemical Substance Management Regulation, compared with EU REACH ( Mr. Martin HU)   download

2. Introduction to Chinese GHS Implementation from Japanese Point of View (Ms. Hannah ZHUANG)   download

3. China RoHS: Management Methods for Limiting Pollution Caused by Electronic Information Products (Mr. David CHEN from CTI)   download




Glance at the Seminar




Seminar in Osaka:

> Date: April 8, 2013, 14:00~18:00

> Location: Meeting Room No.7, Floor 26, Bankyu Hanshin Grand Building

> Attendance Fee: 9,000 JPY (document + tax)

> Language: English to Japanese

> Attendance: 60

Seminar in Tokyo:

> Date: April 10, 2013, 13:30~17:30

> Location:Otemachi Learning Room, Floor B1, Ote Center Building

> Attendance Fee: 9,000 JPY (document + tax)

> Language: English to Japanese

> Attendance: 80

For seminar details please refer to the Invitation Letter

Martin Hu
Senior Specialist of China REACH and China Cosmetics Regulation
Mr. Martin Hu is a recognized expert in Chinese New Chemical Substance Management Regulation (‘China REACH’) and cosmetics regulations in China, also involved into more than 300 substances SIEF and consortium management under EU REACH Regulation in his early career. Mr. Hu had been invited as speaker in various international and Chinese domestic chemical regulatory workshops/conferences and published several articles in worldwide media, e.g. Chemical Watch. As project manager, Mr. Hu has gathered extensive experience in the area of ‘China REACH’ through around 200 new chemical notifications submitted to CRC-MEP, covering all notification types (R&D Record Notification, IECSC supplementation, Simplified Notification and Regular Notification) since late 2010. He also possesses expertise in China cosmetics regulations and started to expand new research in this area. Meanwhile he has a close relationship with local regulatory experts and government authorities enables he keep track of the latest development in regulatory affairs.

Hannah Zhuang, REACH24H senior consultant

Hannah Zhuang

Senior Consultant




Ms. Hannah Zhuang is an experienced consultant in chemical regulations. She has been assisting global chemical enterprises to solve their compliance problems. The clients she has served include Reckitt Benckiser, Biesterfeld, Rogers Corporation, Kuraray, etc. Ms. Hannah had been invited as a speaker to Europe to broadcast Chinese regulations among local chemical manufacturers. She is the link between the regulatory knowledge and the enterprises by providing the most practical advice on chemical regulatory compliance.

Mr. David CHEN: Senior Manager
– Overseas Business Division of CTI Group

Mr. David Chen received his education from University of Toronto in Materials Science and Engineering. He has been with CTI since 2009 and is currently a Senior Manager in its Overseas Business Division; mainly overlooking areas related to hazardous substances and food safety outside Mainland China. David has largely focused on guiding CTI’s foreign clients to ensure smooth access to the Chinese market with regards to testing, audit, and general consultation on domestic and international regulations. He has built a thorough competency in different areas of quality control under practical hands-on experiences.



>Protiviti LLC

Protiviti provides risk and business consulting services to global companies. It is also specialized in environment risk management, including chemical management, hazardous chemicals (in articles) management, supply chain management etc.


Tokai Techno, a member company of the Takeei Group, possesses expertise in environment and product analysis. Tokai has a subsidiary in Tianjin China and is a trusted partner of CTI's.

Published in Webinar & Seminar

In China, chemical substances are regulated by the 'Measures on the Environmental Management of New Chemical Substance' (MEP Order No.7), enacted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) of China on 15 Oct 2010. Currently, companies under this regulation manufacturing or importing chemicals not listed in the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substance in China (IECSC) must submit notification dossiers of new chemicals to the Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center of MEE (SCC-MEE) for approval. The certificate must be approved before any new chemical substances enter the Chinese market or otherwise they will be subject to strict penalties.

Notification Procedure


Confidential Chemical Inquiry

Chemicals regarded as Unlisted in the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substance in China (IECSC) are identified as new chemicals. However, 3270 chemicals are identified as confidential and only their genic names are disclosed in the public IECSC version. For this reason, if companies cannot find certain chemical in the public IECSC, they must submit a formal inquiry to SCC-MEE to check whether the substance is a new chemical or not.

Scope of Applicable Substances

New chemical substance (not listed in IECSC):

• Raw materials or intermediates of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, veterinary medicine, cosmetics, food additives, feed additives, etc.;

• Functional ingredients of surfactant, plasticizer, preservative, dispersant, flame retardant, etc.;

• Polymers;

• Substances contained in articles which are intended to be released.

Notification Bodies

• Manufacturers of new chemical substance in China

• Importers of new chemical substance in China

• Foreign companies selling new chemical substance to China

Note: foreign companies and companies in HongKong, Macau and Taiwan shall appoint a Chinese representative agent to complete notification on their behalf;

Notification Types

Our Services

  • Comprehensive Regulatory Consulting
  • Representative Agent Service
  • Formal Inquiry for New Chemical Substance
  • New Chemical Substance Notification (Scientific Research Record Notification, Simplified Notification, and Regular Notification)
  • Overall Notification Proposal
  • Data Assessment/Data Gap Analysis /Exemption Analysis
  • Test Monitoring Service
  • Risk Assessment Report Preparation
  • Communication with Competent Authorities/Experts
  • Post-notification Obligations (Annual Report, Certificate Renew, etc.)
  • Training Service


Experienced Expert Teams:

Over 150 professionals with extensive academic and practical experience in the field of chemistry, toxicology and eco-toxicology

Strict quality control system

Close collaboration with numerous certified test facilities

Regular communication with competent authorities

Fast response to clients inquiries and high level of confidentiality

Excellent Project Management:

2000+     China New Chemical Substance Notifications

6000+     Hazardous Chemicals Registrations

30000+   SDS/MSDS/Label

3000+     EU REACH Registrations

30+          Lead Registrations

Published in China REACH

China MEP is seeking public consultation on 7 new chemical substances registered through regular notification under China New Chemical Substance Notification (China NCSN, commonly known as China REACH). 7 China NCSN certificates will be issued soon if no dissenting opinion is raised until 8 April, 2013.


Published in China
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