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TOP 6 Regulatory Troubles for Supermarkets in China

  1. Supermarkets face high employee turnover especially on the shop floor which demands better structure of training, simplified regulatory handbook and clever IT platform for sharing information to ensure trainees live up to the standards of the company.
  2. The challenge of a legislative compliant value-chain. Supermarkets with long-chain of command and large supply bases calls for getting relevant up-to-date regulatory changes in China’s “Food Safety Law” to the right people at the right time.
  3. China’s regulation is truly dynamic and evolving. To add to the complexities, there are regional differences in food legislation which requires agile attention in response to regulatory changes.
  4. Supermarket & retail layout design should stand out to attract consumers, but also compliant with China’s “food safety operation standards for supermarket”.
  5. Delivering safe and contaminant-free foods for fresh and frozen products to consumers still meets significant hurdle for retailers. Legislative enforcers are becoming more stringent and demanding.
  6. The challenge for QA&QC team with coping with large scale food categories with overwhelming differences in GB standards for food management and handling.

REACH24H Services 

Customized Regulatory Compliance Report and Emergency Alert
Objective: The purpose for a regular customized Regulatory Monitoring Report is for responding timely to any regulatory changes that may impact the business.

• Regulatory Monitoring
• Regulatory Trend Analysis
• Product recall monitoring
• Industry dynamic status
• Emergency Alerts

Expert Analysis for Specific Standards
Objective: To assist business ultra in reviewing compliance of the products and management standards.

• Influence on regulatory changes and its consequences
• Internal self-auditing to confirm the compliance to the updated regulations
• Legal liabilities analysis and suggestions

One-to-one customized consultation
Objective: Solving practical regulatory compliance issues for the client.

• Respond to specific questions on food regulatory issues
• Customized product compliance assessment report
• In depth analysis on special regulations
• Assist in the communication with regulatory authorities.

IT aided platform
Objective: Reserving, managing and transferring regulatory information via IT platform.

• Storing all regulatory reports and customized consultation files
• Easy for information management and search
• Easy for internal sharing
• Help transferring regulatory information to other partners through this platform

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