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The Act on Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals of Korea (a.k.a “K-REACH”) was passed on Apr 30, 2013. It is regarded as the first REACH-style chemical regulation adopted in an Asian country. K-REACH manages new chemical substances, existing chemical substances and downstream products by prescribing the requirements for registration, hazard evaluation and risk assessment.

K-REACH uses the Only Representative (OR) concept and allows non-Korean companies to register through an OR on their behalf. The Ministry of Environment (MoE) is responsible for the registration and evaluation of chemical substance under K-REACH.

Imprisonment for not more than 7 years or by a fine not exceeding 200 million won would be applied to person who does not comply with the relevant obligations under K-REACH.

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1. What's K-REACH 6(3) Data submission
2. Management Framework 6(4) Hazard Evaluation& Risk Assessment
3. History 6(5) Joint Submission
4. Main Contents of K-REACH Regulation 6(6) Information Communication
5. Who's affected 6(7) Product Management
6. How to comply 7. Summary & Advices
6(1) Annual Reporting 8. News
6(2) Registration 9. Expert Articles & Ebook

Compliant Responsibility under K-REACH

Manufacturers or importers of new chemicals and priority evaluation chemicals (PECs) shall submit registration to the Ministry of Environmental (MOE) prior to manufacture and import. However companies established outside of Korea are not bound by the obligations of K-REACH, the responsibility for fulfilling K-REACH registration lies with the corresponding importers established in Korea, or with the “only representative (OR)” based in Korea.

Manufactures, importers and ORs will be responsible for:
(a)Annual Reporting
(c)Information communication with downstream users and sellers
(d)Products Notification
(e)Other activities

Importers in Korea may turn to their non-Korean suppliers and request information that they may need to fulfill their regulatory obligations.

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